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Full Moon 🌕 in Capricorn ♑️

I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of people express feelings of hopelessness, suicidality, fear, limitation and restriction, shyness and reservation, lack of community, futile efforts in work, and lack of recognition or achievement.

Please remember that we’re experiencing an impending full moon in Capricorn this Thursday 🐐 In addition, leather daddy Saturn is currently retrograde in Aquarius ♒️, which rules society, friends, community, networks, our ancestors, and the bounty we expect to receive from saying “Yes” to our dreams and working hard towards our goals.

These negative, pessimistic and lonely feelings are meant to come up so that we work through them and become tougher and more in touch with our integrity.

Don’t kill yourself. Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t think you suck or that nothing you do matters.

Saturn energy can be very black-and-white, but that doesn’t mean that All of life is!

There are still Venusian aspects of life (pleasure, love, “Treat Yo Self”)… Mercurial aspects of life (friends, jokes, learning something interesting and new)… Jupiterian aspects of life (Hope, Faith, search of a truth Beyond your ego), etc. Your thoughts and feelings will pass, and if you survive them, you and various events in your life will emerge better and more manageable Literally in the next 2 weeks.

~How to survive this transit?~

Pamper yourself, do something loving for yourself - the more physical the action, the better.

Learn a new skill and watch some funny videos - laughter still exists within you!

Help someone in need 🤗

Take just one idea with regard to your goals…ground it…nurture it…and watch it grow. 🌱

Literally plant something and water it 🪴

Focus on the love and romance in your life, or attain some via media, books, or nature 🌹 if you feel that you are lacking (remember… Saturn loves Venus).

We got this. We are all on this cosmic journey together 🌻☁️☁️ can reach the mountain tops.


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