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What it Means to Have a Stellium in the 11th House

People with a stellium (i.e. three or more planets) in the 11th house learn a lot about groups, societies, networking and sustaining numerous public relations. It is likely that you will achieve a certain level of fame in your lifetime; at the very least, your name will be widely recognized, and you will become aware of the importance of maintaining a good reputation. The wealth that you gain will come primarily through your social connections. You are likely well-traveled and a humanitarian. You are visionary, futuristic, inventive, creative, and original. You think like a scientist; your mind is astute with a capital A! You are highly respected by others because of your life experiences; God knows you have seen and been through a lot!

You are gifted at somehow being in several different places at once. Your multitasking skills are impressive. You have quite the imagination. You are inherently an old soul. You may feel foreign in your human body and identify with being a starseed, an alien, or a mythical creature passing as a human. You may even entertain the thought of being a robot! You easily get bored or lose interest in things, simply because there are so many sights and experiences just waiting for you to encounter. You may struggle with changing your mind or routine, so life will put you in challenging circumstances that ultimately cause a radical shift in your views or lifestyle. You have lived through experiences that have led you to change your beliefs regarding money, how to handle and manage money, and how to walk away from things that demean your worth/value. You have had to learn how to let go of things - especially in the 3-D, physical world - that make you doubt your inherent worth. Furthermore, life has encouraged you to acquire material things that truly make you happy, no matter how quirky people may deem those things to be.

For you, there is a strong link between your thoughts, your speech, and vulnerability; perhaps your way of thinking and speaking puts you in vulnerable situations, or you may feel vulnerable when it comes to saying what's your mind. Public speaking is or will become your strong suit. A major theme in your life is the need to speak up to defend yourself and those you love. You may feel like a lone wolf because you are an independent spirit with a bright inner light. Not only do you perceive things on a higher level, but you also strive to align your actions with your thoughts and feelings. You are a highly intelligent and prescient being, and you are open to other realms and entities; thus, you may often see, hear or learn things that many people are not able to.

You hold a lot of secrets, and you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others. People look to you for counsel. Your wisdom is candid and cutthroat. While remaining humble, you hold truth and authenticity in high regard. You're quick to cut people off, call people out, and tell them the truth they need to hear. You have a very passionate energy that makes you move, think and act quickly. You are fabulous at initiating projects. You are talented at writing and speaking, as you express yourself in a way that is clear, concise and amusing. You absorb information, trends and people’s experiences like a sponge. You attract the gamut of people and unique experiences to you like a magnet. You may feel as if you are cursed (“Why do such bizarre, unfortunate things always happen to me?”), but that is because your soul wants to learn about life... to live life to the fullest... to discover the true key to the human experience... and then to share this key with any and all who will listen.

It may be hard for you to make "unorthodox" decisions, yet part of your soul’s mission is to be comfortable with being “different”. Often, you have eccentric opinions that you may need to defend due to people struggling to understand your point of view. Your soul’s mission is to see yourself, your mind and your work in a unique way. You are meant to see the beauty in your idiosyncrasies and use them for good, for the benefit of yourself and others.

You may have a hard time letting go of things and people, but you need to learn how to stand up for what you believe in. With a stellium in the 11th house, wish fulfillment is your lot in life. However, you need to recognize that disappointment is a natural part of life; you cannot always get every single thing that you want! This teaches you to push through adversity to manifest what you truly want. You have a lot of dreams and options, but you will need to learn to say and be told “No” throughout your lifetime so that you master narrowing down your options, determining what is worth your energy, and then channeling your energy into those few projects or ventures.

The internet is a gateway for many thrilling experiences for you in this lifetime. From hobbies and pleasures, to career and professional advancement, you will find great luck and soul growth through the internet - whether it's an online business, a social network, or merely online shopping! You are very talented with technology; you know how to use and maneuver your way through technology to realize a lot of your dreams and desires.

You are meant to work on long-term projects that will take time to grow but guarantee everlasting success. Get-rich-quick schemes may actually hinder your luck and progress in this lifetime. With you, great rewards come when you put in the actual work, and the more you create positivity and happiness with others and work from a place of comfort, the better quality work you will produce. You would make an excellent teacher, especially to young minds.

You are an effective collaborator in group, team or organizational settings. You know how to anticipate and meet people’s needs, which makes you an effective leader and influencer. You may be obsessed with attaining social influence, as this is where your happiness lies. The people in your environment are highly influential to you, and vice versa. You are extremely talented at speaking to multitudes of people or speaking on behalf of others. Politics or some sort of social reform could be a good career for you, in addition to any career that allows you to appear worldly, unique, celebrated, relatable and respected while you defend people or certain values that people hold dear. You are also responsible for radically shifting the people's paradigms. You may feel like you make a lot of decisions that tend to have long-standing consequences in yours and others’ lives. You may like to protest and fight for the rights of the underprivileged. You have a good chance of finding happiness and earning substantial income via funneling your talents into large, concerted efforts alongside others to improve the lives of the masses.

You have a deep need to be accepted by those in your environment or by society as a whole; being a part of a solid friend group is integral to your survival and mental well-being. Being a member of a solid group of individuals that you trust will help you feel comfortable enough to form your own distinct identity. You may have often felt unnoticed or rejected by members of your family (perhaps you are a middle child, one of many children, or you were an only child to one or two absent parents); this has motivated you to seek comfort and acceptance from others in the external world. You feel fulfilled when you are able to work for, care for and nurture others in the ways that you lacked growing up; and the more people you are able to do this for, the better! It is a part of your life’s purpose to overcome feelings of alienation and to believe that you can relate to and be loved by scores of people (although this may come to you in a way that is unexpected or nontraditional). In essence, you are meant to find what inherently makes you special and grow from feeling “different” to being loved in spite of it. What is special about you lies within you - not in what’s around you, what you look like, or in what you do.

You may be better than most other people at relating to folks who differ from your culture, race or background. You also live vicariously through the people in your network; if a friend of yours experiences something, you feel like you experienced it with them too. This is because you are able to connect to anything and anyone. When you bear witness to another person’s experience, you think to yourself “That could be me. There is no legitimate reason why I couldn’t ever be in that same situation.” Empathy, for you, stems from the conscious realization that you and all things are actually interconnected. Thus, it is very easy for you to see yourself in other people.

And still yet...the feeling of being a social piranha is a very familiar one to you. Have you ever felt scapegoated for society’s ills? Do you frequently feel like an outcast? You may often fluctuate between feelings of belonging and feelings of exclusion. You may believe that your relationships are a reflection of you and thus define a large part of who you are. You are very determined and tenacious when it comes to making an impact regarding certain shared human experiences. You may be used to feeling marginalized or subjugated at times. You will grow from feeling oppressed and having your rights taken away from you to being empowered and fighting for the rights of others. Indeed, you are guaranteed to reach a point in life when you realize that true power comes only from within.


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