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You can start at the mision "third 'Porkypower'" to get money to buy some gold. For the last mission you have to beat the first mission to get a prestige bonus of 10% (There is no fastest possible win). I beat the first mission in 3 hours. I don't know if this is possible to solve the second mission in 3 hours as I didn't reached it. I have spent more than 25 hours on the game but I have been playing all kinds of stuff with different cars and weapons and so on. I have reached a point where I do not see any possible strategy but have spent so many hours on the game that I will leave it without a full win and keep playing. Do you have some tips to improve the win ratio? Edit: you can only modify these cars when the "future cars" are unlocked, but these cars are the best vehicles in the game. The rest of the cars are only for decoration, they do not do anything. Ok so to start, there are few things that are easy to start doing now that you have 100% completion. Before you read this, you need to know that you can only modify the future cars after unlocking the future cars. You will need to be very careful to not shoot the cops in the beginning. Once you get enough money to buy a second car or upgrade a car, you can get these vehicles right away and do not have to wait to unlock them. Aim for a police car that has full health, never shoot the police. You will need to get a lot of money to buy guns and different weapons to kill the police and get the advantage in the beginning. The first mission is pretty simple and easy if you understand where to go. Just go where the area is brightly lit, there are many blue dots on the road, go where they are and shoot the blue dots with the weapons that you have. Then you will start getting lucky and you will just need to shoot the cops as they come. Then you will get much money. Once you are done with the first mission, you can buy a few weapons and make an army. In the second mission, you need to get a car that can get high speed. You can not go where the blue dots are, you have to go where the cops are, so pay attention to the icons on the map. You will need to build a weapon or






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