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Dealing With Difficult Aspects: Squares

Aspects in astrology are connections formed between planets depending on the degree of the Zodiac that they occupy. A square occurs when there is a 90° angle between two planets (with an orb of 8° or less). One of the major difficult or “hard” aspects in astrology, squares cause planetary energies to conflict, creating a tension that, over time, bears fruit to rich rewards through conscious effort and hard work.

Read on to find out how squares between planets, natal or transit, affect you and how you can work with them to achieve your highest potential. The descriptions below cover bidirectionality between the planets (e.g. the description for Venus Mars encompasses both Venus square Mars and Mars square Venus). Furthermore, if you are interested in receiving an interpretation of your own natal chart, contact me today for a personalized report.


Sun Square Aspects

Sun ⇔ Moon: When the Sun and the Moon square each other, there is a conflict between action and motivation. This can lead to paranoia, suspicion of others, lack of trust in the self, and actions unbacked by sense. The best way to heal is to take time throughout the day to give energy and attention to both your Sun sign and your Moon sign, respectively. You can start by setting aside 2 hours of your day to intentionally express your Sun sign, honoring your physical body and active, extroverted nature; then give yourself 2 hours to consciously express your Moon sign, creating space for your receptive, moody, and more mysterious nature to roam free. Doing this will cultivate peace of mind, self-confidence, and quality relationships based on rapport and trust. It is important for you to embrace your shadow side and accept yourself wholly. Explore your shadow side and talk about it in a safe space. You may find it helpful to write your dreams down; you can also try turning your shadow side into something you can profit from monetarily. Keep your thoughts flexible and look for the bigger picture; an open heart creates an open mind, and an open mind promotes forgiveness of yourself and others.

Sun ⇔ Mercury: When these two planets square each other, there is a conflict between thought and action: you intend for things to go one way, yet they unfold in a completely different way in your external reality. You may struggle with lying to yourself and others, or there is simply a mismatch between your words and your deeds. You may feel like your mind is always scattered; you might be a “jack of all trades” but feel as if you are a “master of none”. Often, you think, speak or act in ways that sabotage your connections with others, which lowers your self-esteem. Perhaps you are susceptible to peer pressure, as you feel the “real you” repels others. You need to be okay with walking away from the people and situations that do not serve you; there are plenty more people for you to choose from that will actually be right for you! If you verbally express your authentic truth, even just by writing it down, you will attract the right relationships and experiences to you. Know ultimately that you are not a mistake and that the space you take up in this world is serving an important function in the grand scheme of things. Instead of feeling limited by the opinions and behaviors of others, try to focus only on what you can do with what God gave you.

Sun ⇔ Venus: You have a difficult time manifesting your desires. You may struggle with not being able to attract what you want while simultaneously attracting what you don’t want. You may have a problem with being confident and dedicated enough to pursue your desires on your own and take decisive action towards your goals. You may not even be sure about what your wants and needs are oftentimes. Do not be afraid to try new things; learning about what you enjoy will help you be more knowledgeable about what you want out of life. What you need to do is call the shots yourself and exit any situation in which you feel controlled by another person. You must physically exert yourself and put in effortful action according to your Sun sign when it comes to attracting your wants and needs. It may also be helpful for you to experiment with your sensual nature and explore the pleasures of your body. Point out what it is you like and appreciate about your body, and believe that your body has the ability to manifest whatever you desire. Do not wait for other people to give you what you want; take control and get it yourself, because you can!

Sun ⇔ Mars: You may feel like your physical body is often at odds with your ego/will, which poses a challenge to your sense of survival. Any type of abuse, both self-inflicted and inflicted by others, can be a manifestation of this square aspect. Your ego stymies your ability to act, while your actions tend to hurt your ego. To heal, make sure that your sense of self is in alignment with your physical actions and immediate environment. Place yourself in environments that will accept your authentic expression, even if this expression is aggressive or competitive. Organized sports or activities that allow you to stand out in a disciplined, structured way will boost your self-esteem and give you peace of mind. Pick activities that you are inspired to complete, calling upon people or heaven to help see you through to the very end, if need be. To help build your trust in yourself, set aside some time everyday for solitude. Take initiative to be alone by engaging in solitary activities that you enjoy so that you feel less rejected by others. The more your name, face, talents and abilities are recognized as a result of engaging in these solitary activities, the better. You can also release harmful, small thoughts about yourself by engaging in physical matters that will take your time, attention and energy; keeping busy in this way will increase your skill and self-confidence, and will help shape your future.

Sun ⇔ Jupiter: The manifestation of your egoic desires are often suppressed. Symptoms of this difficult aspect could include an overblown ego, expansion of unhealthy habits, and overdoing things. You may find that authority figures, spirituality, and education rob you of your vitality and deny you of your wants and needs. You may also experience a clash between your identity and your values; you feel like your ego and beliefs are thwarted by culture and societal standards. You want it all! However, you may not know how to achieve these high hopes and goals you have for yourself, as your actions and external reality keep hindering your efforts and getting in the way. You need to receive and base your decisions on the facts of any given situation, making detailed plans on how to achieve your success. The more you are able to plan your day-to-day and schedule action steps that take you closer to your goal, the easier it will be for you to manifest your desires.

Sun ⇔ Saturn: You may feel like your ego is restricted and suppressed by rules, structures, authority figures, and the status-quo. You may also feel like stability is difficult for you to achieve in life. It is important for you to learn how to set healthy boundaries for yourself so that you feel less limited by your external circumstances. Engaging in healthy expression of your ego and vitality within self-imposed limits will be freeing to you. Developing and using your leadership skills will be very rewarding for you, as well as dedicating yourself to some sort of hard work most days out of the week. Becoming a boss, club leader, CEO or entrepreneur will provide your soul with a rewarding experience. It will also be very helpful for you to align your actions to healthy morals; you can improve the karma of this placement by being truthful and honest in all areas of your life.

Sun ⇔ Uranus: You may feel like you have no sense of control in your life. Circumstances whip you around and leave you feeling anxious, tired and unable to have fun due to responsibilities and pressure to “keep up.” Finding fun in activities that make you feel spiritual, introspective, inspired and inventive will be very healing to you. Expressing yourself in safe, unique ways that serve your highest potential will help you find peace in the chaos. It is safe for you to express your quirks; trust that others will accept you for who you are. You can engage your eccentricities in safe, structured ways by wearing interesting clothing; wearing crystals that align with your Sun sign; developing your own language/vocabulary that you use for fun; and practicing various accents throughout the day, to name a few examples.

Sun ⇔ Neptune: This difficult aspect may give you a weak ego or an ego with insufficient boundaries. You may feel like you lack a real sense of self in some way. Embrace the things that make you feel interconnected with the whole; doing so on a daily basis will be healing to you. Permit yourself to dissolve boundaries in healthy ways, such as engaging with others live on social media while sharing a talent of yours. Talking with others about your dreams; delving into artistic pursuits; showing yourself unconditional love; and drinking a glass of water at certain marked hours of the day will also be very good for you. Write out ways you are unique and make sure you are sharing these aspects of yourself with others. You can dissolve the battles within your mind by planning out your responses to certain things in life, along with saying positive affirmations that boost self-love and confidence.

Sun ⇔ Pluto: This square aspect causes power, control, and jealousy-related issues to stymie your life force, vitality, and inner strength. You may feel like you constantly encounter reproductive or excretory issues; nonconsensual sexual experiences; and controlling, obsessive partners. You yourself may also experience unhealthy obsessions. With this placement, there is a great need to heal the ego and learn the true meanings of power and self-sufficiency. Remember that you have enough and that all you truly have control over is yourself. Therefore, respond to situations in a way that will make you feel proud and noble; no need for you to get even with the other person. With this aspect, it is important for you to gain peace of mind through meditation, spending time near water, reciting healing mantras, and engaging in pleasurable activities on a daily basis. Creating stillness in the mind and being at peace with yourself and your surroundings is the first step towards embracing your personal power.

Moon Square Aspects

Moon ⇔ Mercury: You may struggle with anxiety and holding onto mental baggage/self-limiting beliefs that you need to release. You may have extreme perceptions of yourself and struggle with seeing the truth in situations. Use your imagination to your advantage and act upon your creative notions (e.g. creative writing, dream journaling). Time for solitude will cultivate self-knowledge and self-confidence, and is necessary for improving your mental and emotional health.

Moon ⇔ Venus: With this placement, you may tend to feel isolated and excluded in social situations. Relationships are unable to provide you with the security that you need, and you find yourself constantly jumping into new relationships. However, you tend to believe your relational issues are worse than they actually are. Try releasing your anxieties and focus on the positives of the situation. Be okay with accepting good things from others, and practice giving to others in return, as giving will help you learn how to receive. Focusing on service will also help take your focus off of how people are hurting/hindering you. You need to nourish and find value in yourself and your creations in order to be able to attract healthier, more enjoyable relationships. Use crystals or any other items to help you feel more grounded in reality. Be courageous and trust your intuition when it comes to the people that you meet.

Moon ⇔ Mars: With this square aspect, you may find that you dislike adhering to any sort of moral or ethical code. This difficult aspect can manifest as self-doubt, self-sabotage, and abuse/discord in relationships. You may feel like your energy is easily drained, and that you have a hard time sustaining inspiration and completing projects. Realize that the relationships and activities you engage in do not have to be a challenge all of the time. Forgiving yourself and others may be a challenge for you, but you must learn to release grudges and change your beliefs about yourself in order to manifest satisfaction in life.

Moon ⇔ Jupiter: This square aspect can manifest as an inability to balance your light and shadow sides. You have a tendency to put your talents to nefarious uses, along with overstepping the boundaries of others in order to get what you want. The key to your success is balance of the opposing parts of yourself; you can do things to consciously honor your Jupiter sign during the daytime, while reserving the nighttime for conscious expression of your Moon sign. Focus your attention inwards, listen to your creative forces, and enjoy the process of life. You may feel like you lack abundance in this lifetime and that your fears are easily manifested. If you surrender to the natural feelings and urges you encounter, the challenging experiences you face can hone your intuition, allowing you to trust yourself and lovingly speak your truth. There is a lot of hurt that you need to let go of, and you need to accept that you are here for a higher purpose. You are meant to experience a loving relationship; embrace the fact that you have many soulmate relationships, as you are here to teach one another about love.

Moon ⇔ Saturn: Self-forgiveness is essential to healing this difficult aspect; ask your angels for help in replacing old pain with peacefulness. You have great creative and artistic ability, but lack the drive to realize it. You may find yourself contemplating your actions for so long that you miss out on the opportunity to act when the time comes. Perhaps you fear that you are unsafe or unprotected. It is important that you choose only positive thoughts to describe your home, career, and finances, as your thoughts influence your outcome. It is safe for you to love and feel loved. Work with healing crystals for protection and write down positive affirmations to recite and inspire you in your times of need.

Moon ⇔ Uranus: You may often try to get what you want through nefarious or manipulative means. You may be really sensitive to light and other things in your environment, making you highly susceptible to seizures, allergies, nervous system issues, or psychosomatic issues. You may also constantly struggle with feeling confined. Your comfort zone conflicts with your sense of freedom, while unpredictability curbs your security. Neither chaos nor order seems to comfort you. In this case, you must forge your own rules and follow them. Push the boundaries of your ideas of yourself - know that you can achieve your goals and be the person that you want to be. Do not be afraid to give into yourself. You may not always know what you are doing, but as long as you start somewhere, your steps will be revealed to you. Rest assured that you are being watched over and protected by your angels and loved ones.

Moon ⇔ Neptune: This difficult aspect can give rise to nightmares and unrestful sleep. You may feel disturbed by paranormal activities, especially at night. You may be closed off to the love and blessings that are seeking to enter your life. You find it difficult to take the good with the bad, and vice versa. Life is a balancing act: it’s the good, it’s the bad, and it’s everything in between. Therefore, the sooner you stop shielding yourself from life itself, the more alive, confident and happy you will be. It is important that you protect yourself from harsh chemicals, additives, energies, items, situations, relationships, and processed foods. You are highly sensitive to your environment and what you put into your body. You are extremely protected and have great teaching ability. Know that you will attract the right people to you when you align your actions with your values and inner knowingness of what is right for you. You have a great ability to meet and communicate with all kinds of people from various backgrounds. It could also serve you well to turn your heartbreak into something you can profit from materially.

Moon ⇔ Pluto: You may have a hard time communicating about the hardships you have experienced; however, communication is the only way for you to free yourself from these mental trappings. Prayer and journaling can be very healing for this difficult aspect. Struggles relating to power and control are typical with this placement. But keep in mind that your past does not have to repeat itself; stay grounded in the present moment and act in accordance with present events. Know that you are highly protected; your home life may go through a lot of transformations, and emotional stability may seem hard to come by - but getting in touch with your intuition and divine counterparts will help you immensely in this lifetime. You need to talk to the people the Universe has placed in your life. If you do not speak out, you will never be able to see clearly through the baggage you carry. In actuality, chaos and instability are here to serve your highest good; the only thing holding you back is your mind: you project onto people, thinking that they restrain you in some way - but they really don’t... You are free.

Mercury Square Aspects

Mercury ⇔ Venus: You may often experience a conflict between what you take pleasure in and your communication, executive functioning, and social connections. One way this could manifest is a difficulty with voicing what you want. You may find that the way you communicate interferes with the effectiveness of your relationships; or perhaps you and your partner are perpetually at odds mentally and feel as if your voice and opinions are constantly invalidated or undermined. You may also have a hard time realizing your desires in a concrete way. This could be due to a lack of planning or strategizing, or overly-ambitious plans and ideas. This aspect forces you to learn how to be a better listener and compromise with others using tact and diplomacy.

Mercury ⇔ Mars: This square aspect brings out a lot of abusive, conflictual communication from both within and around you. You may have a hard time translating your ideas to reality due to outside forces or self-sabotage. You may get into a lot of physical fights or altercations, or even have issues with dexterity or physically moving your body in some way. In essence, your intentions and your actions are not always perfectly aligned. You must exercise compassion and flexibility in order to accommodate your mentality and movements. Do not compare and despair; focus solely on yourself and on what you can achieve with your own body so that you can do the best with what you have.

Mercury ⇔ Jupiter: This hard aspect may give rise to issues involving schooling; higher education; learning; adherence to rules; structures; and adverse actions or beliefs that may stem from grandiose ideas or an inflated ego. It is imperative to your well-being to reframe your thoughts and maintain a balanced, nonjudgmental mind. You may feel like people come out of the woodwork to test you, rile you up, and provoke you to act in unjust, unruly ways. But keep your head down and continue to focus on the good work that you are doing, as the more you do, the more your luck will change for the better. You can be the push you need in order to succeed instead of waiting on other people to help you get there, for better or for worse. Be confident in the fact that you are your best benefactor. You have extremely high standards for yourself, so work on releasing burdens that weigh you down and impede your healing process. You are highly sensitive to energy, especially when it comes to what you ingest. You are also a very powerful manifestor; working with the cycles of the moon can usher in luck and a greater sense of control in your life. In addition, you are very connected to animals, so owning a farm or some pets would be very healing to you.

Mercury ⇔ Saturn: You are teachable and have a very open mind; however, your judgment in terms of finances and material things can be a bit skewed. You may struggle with unhealthy addictions and being intimate within romantic relationships. The relationships you attract tend to remain on a surface level due to self-esteem/egoic issues. With this square aspect, there is a need to reassess your values and prioritize them accordingly, beginning with an emphasis on how you can serve and encourage others. Tending to your root chakra and focusing on feeling safe, confident and protected as often as possible will be very healing to you. One way you can adopt this frame of mind is to observe what is going right in your life instead of on what is going wrong. Dancing can help you feel more grounded, while singing can help you feel more confident. You are likely blessed with great talent in singing or speaking.

Mercury ⇔ Uranus: You may feel like something or someone always seems to pop up and hinder you from taking advantage of the exciting opportunities life presents to you. It may help to take the time to be real with yourself so that you stop receiving perpetual reality checks from others. On the flip side, your plans and goals might seem lofty, but only if you perceive them that way; if you see your plans as reasonably just and achievable, then other people will, too. Stand firmly in who you are, believing that you will attract the right people to you at the right time. Know that it is possible for you to stand in your power, fully express who you are, and maintain accord all at the same time. Give your ego a chance to sustain peace and harmony with the will and opinions of others; insert yourself in circumstances/environments where your goals align with the goals and will of others. Confront the dissenting opinions within your own mind so that you do not project and manifest them onto those around you.

Mercury ⇔ Neptune: This hard aspect may lead to paranoia, anxieties about fitting in, and preoccupation with the opinions of others. You struggle with feeling sure of yourself, which causes you to project onto people, and vice versa. However, you do not have to allow people to define you; you have more than enough faculty to define yourself. Stand firm in what you believe, and do not acquiesce to people who devalue you. This aspect may cause you to feel overwhelmed by decision-making, multitasking, and speaking your truth with clarity and conviction. It is important for you to protect yourself and set aside long periods of time for self-care. This hard aspect will force you to realize that you can be your own hero; you do not always need to rely on other people to be strong for you. Knowing that earth is not your true home, you can use your one shot at life as who you are now to be true to yourself and do what makes you happy. Opening your heart up to yourself will permit you to experience a greater deal of happiness in the way you relate to life. It is also important for you to contain yourself and maintain strong boundaries, especially mentally. Know when your ideas stop and when another’s begins. Their ideas do not have to be your ideas, and vice versa.

Mercury ⇔ Pluto: This square aspect may manifest as bad habits related to money and indulging in certain pleasures. You may engage in self-destructive behaviors that can potentially hurt others as a result of not sitting with yourself and tending to what needs to be healed. Be weary of covering up certain issues in your life that you are reluctant to face. The anger, self-loathing and melancholic narrative you have been holding onto all your life is not yours to carry. Your ears are very sensitive to all types of communication, so be conscious of what you listen to. Opening up to your intuition and trusting yourself will allow you to feel less paranoid. When you trust in life, you are able to trust in yourself and others more. Let go of your worries and allow the Divine to help you. Journaling, singing, therapy, reciting mantras, and praying, especially in a private, comfortable space, will be extremely healing to you.

Venus Square Aspects

Venus ⇔ Mars: Matters related to your material and physical possessions may pose a lot of challenges for you in this lifetime. You may feel like you weren’t blessed with enough materially, or that you attract people for the wrong reasons. It is important that you learn how to protect your body and the material things that you value. Take responsibility to nurture and care for yourself, both mentally and physically. You are extremely fertile; even if you don’t see yourself having children, you have an amazing ability to manifest whatever you desire. Your creative abilities lie in you being rooted in your body and the earth and showing love and compassion to all things. This square aspect may cause issues with codependency, especially when it comes to your self-esteem and material possessions. You must believe in the fact that you can be in a relationship and simultaneously celebrate your individuality. You truly have the ability to create solid, structured relationships with others. It is important that you avoid harsh items, situations and relationships through being confident in your will and standing your ground.

Venus ⇔ Jupiter: You worry a lot about seeming successful. You have a lot you want to say, a lot of promises you want to profess, and a lot of ideas you want to be true. Frankly, the less you worry, the easier it will be for you to achieve success. It may be hard for you to manifest wealth as quickly as you would like due to self-doubt - but you will get there. Indeed, you will lead a more prosperous life if you work with other people or focus on uplifting others. You may feel a great sense of responsibility to spread a certain truth, in whatever sense of the word, in order to attain material things. You can definitely be seen as successful if you invest in the right things (yourself, your home, your relationships).

Venus ⇔ Saturn: You may have problems with balance; maintaining harmony; using people/leading people on; and creating drama within relationships. You view your relationships as a tool for you to get ahead. You carry so much influence and have so much to give, so show some heart to those who are drawn to you because of your beautiful energy! Believe in your ability to create solid, loving, harmonious, intimate relationships with others. Yet, if this is not what you want, then accept this fact about yourself and do not let society convince you otherwise. Your power lies in trusting yourself. Be confident in yourself; be confident in who you are drawn to; and be confident in those who are drawn to you. Trust the process of life; things are working out beautifully for you. You could really serve as an inspiration to people. Let go of past experiences that do not serve your new vision of yourself, and work on creating and remembering new/other experiences that do support the vision you are seeking to realize. Work on your solar plexus chakra - it is safe for you to be powerful and take charge of your life in positive ways. Work with Heaven to release what no longer serves you or your purpose.

Venus ⇔ Uranus: You have a very keen ability to attract fortune, or at least come across as someone who is fortunate. You may have a tendency to start drama, but oftentimes this drama resides only in your head. Embrace your eccentricities and rest assured that you have the ability to create harmonious relationships in this lifetime. You must also know that you have the ability to change for the better, as this is your lot in life! You heal best through words/language; speaking your truth; and reading things that align with your purpose/truth.

Venus ⇔ Neptune: This aspect forces you to develop a clear, calculating and decisive mind. You must learn to leave behind habits and behaviors that do not serve you and, instead, actively choose to incorporate harmony in everything that you do. This will help you build a healthy ego and stand against any opposition that comes your way.

Venus ⇔ Pluto: Maintain a flexible mind in order to free yourself from blockages that are holding you back. You hold the key to your power. You have a certain sex appeal that you must learn to use for good. Use it for creating things that are unique, meaningful, and have not already been seen by the world. Use it to manifest the dreams of your highest self. Channel your frustrations and energies into helping Mother Nature in some way, as you have an innate gift of having a close bond with the earth. You may have an issue with holding on to baggage and not allowing mental/physical space for new and better things to enter your life. Ask heaven to cut any attachments that don’t serve you, which will free you from destructive patterns. You may feel like you have experienced a lot of challenges tied to your worth and value, especially in early life. Heaven is here to help you remember, release, learn, and heal from your past experiences in order to grow into the powerful, loving person you are meant to become.

Mars Square Aspects

Mars ⇔ Jupiter: To heal this difficult aspect, there is a deep need to go within and explore matters related to your home and early life. Doing this will help you create the life you want to live. Delving deep through introspection will also teach you to practice self-restraint and think about why you are acting before you act. You have a deep desire to work hard in order to provide for yourself, your loved ones, and the world; however, you need to collaborate with others. Indeed, you will come across a lot of people in this lifetime who are here to teach you various lessons, for better or for worse. Respect these teachers, no matter what size or shape they come in, as they are powerful, loving and wise, and are watching over and guiding you in their own unique ways.

Mars ⇔ Saturn: You have new, bright ideas to earn and keep material things that you value. You are really good at reinventing and reforming your image and material situations. People may think more highly of you than you do of yourself. You are powerful, fierce and driven enough to turn your life around and create your own luck. You tend to run away from challenging situations and throw yourself into your work, but, my goodness, are you a hard worker! You need to adjust your beliefs when it comes to your material value and self-worth. Try not to act so hurriedly when it comes to making your wishes come true. Your wishes will bear the best fruit when they are realized in their own time. Communicating with your intuition/the Divine will foster metanoia within you. You may find yourself in a lot of situations where you are fighting to defend yourself - but this is to help build your character and promote more love and respect for yourself, which is essential to accomplishing the big dreams you desire to accomplish in this world.

Mars ⇔ Uranus: Indeed, life just continues to throw your curve balls... But what if you could work with them instead of trying to dodge them? What if you could conduct these curve balls and direct them in a way that works for you? You are meant to help this world and be a blessing to others by being a blessing to yourself. Develop such a strong relationship with yourself that you naturally spread your love and beauty through your relationships with others. Any activity that gets your body moving and forces you to act quickly would be a good way for you to release energy (e.g. video games, sports). This square aspect may produce an issue with you making impulsive decisions that bear lasting consequences. Do not be so hard on yourself when this happens, but let your past stay in the past. You need to renew your image of yourself and let go of the people, situations and thought patterns that no longer serve you. If you lighten your load, you will think and move quicker and better. You have the power to renew your will and fashion it in the best way you see fit.

Mars ⇔ Neptune: Beautifying your body in safe, healthy ways that respect your highest self will be very beneficial to you. Taking physical action is integral to believing in your inner and outer beauty. Befriending Mother Nature will help you feel more beautiful. You really know how to make your ideas work, but be wary of using manipulative means to do so. You have a lot to give! You may be extremely fertile. You find that you are always creating new things in your life. Collaborating with a few other people to help you realize a goal of yours will be incredibly healing to you.

Mars ⇔ Pluto: You are not afraid to swiftly and cleanly cut people/things out of your life if you believe that they are no longer serving you. You often find yourself stuck in situations that you feel there is no way out of. If that is truly the case, then surrender is the key. You need to adjust your frame of mind to adapt to whatever is in your best and highest interest at any given time. It is important that you focus simply on your own work and on protecting what is yours; do not expend your energy trying to adjust the behaviors of others. You will get a lot more done accomplishing your dreams on your own rather than waiting or depending on other people to give you permission to act or to execute your plans for you.

Jupiter Square Aspects

Jupiter ⇔ Saturn: Maintaining a peaceful, balanced, and restful mind will aid you in finding opportunities that will support you physically and materially. You have a great potential to make a monetary profit out of your unique ideas and speaking, teaching and leadership abilities. Relating to others as a teacher or leader will make you happy and give you peace of mind. However, find the best relationship dynamic that works for you and build upon these connections. You may need to overcome some self-doubt, but don’t be afraid to surrender to heaven’s help. You are not meant to go it alone!

Jupiter ⇔ Uranus: You have a tendency to think in ways that isolate you because you are so focused on the past and on what is holding you back. Use your bright mind to come up with unique ways to bring you out of the past and closer to a happier present moment and future. Stand up for yourself and express your will, regardless of what other people think, as long as you do it in a way that is respectful to others. You make a name for yourself wherever you are. It is okay that you do not always think in the same way as everyone else. Harmoniously embracing differences is more rewarding than challenging them futilely. Loss is a natural part of life, but do not convince yourself that you are poor; believe in the wealth that you hold, as your treasure is found in the most unexpected places.

Jupiter ⇔ Neptune: Your core beliefs about love tend to make you act rashly in relationships, while also magnetizing chaotic relationships to you. You may have an unhealthy tendency to turn to relationships to heal your childhood wounds. You feel like you have an ungrounded sense of self and that your peace of mind is easily threatened. It would be helpful for you to contain your power and vital energy instead of spreading it to whomever you come into contact with. If you take precious care of the things/traits that make you unique and special, you will attract better relationships to you. Meditating and quieting your mind will actually help you become more successful. Be easy on yourself; contrary to what you may believe, you do not need to constantly be working to achieve something great. For you, less is more. The less physical effort you put into making the outside world work for you, the sooner you will attract your desires.

Jupiter ⇔ Pluto: You have been through a lot of trials and tribulations, which will one day bring you to a place of feeling wise, powerful, confident and in control. People want to respect you and look up to you, whether physically or metaphorically. As long as you do not push your opinions on others brutishly, this aspect can mold you into a great leader or master of something. Remember, it is not always your way or the highway. You have a great talent for mass communication. You also have a great ability for speaking on public/general platforms. Keeping the masses in mind while you speak will be very healing and important to you. You think and talk clearly and effectively when it comes to the general population. You have a strongly protective nature and a lust for life, but societal expectations and obligations give rise to mental battles. If you focus on using your thoughts and speech for good, you will feel less badly about societal expectations and whether or not you are able to meet them.

Saturn Square Aspects

Saturn ⇔ Uranus: You know how to use your interpersonal connections to build solid structures for yourself and accomplish your biggest dreams. All you need is balance within all aspects of your life. You can achieve all that you want as long as you maintain a healthy balance between your fears/need for security and your desires/need for innovation, as it is possible for both to coexist. It does not have to be all or nothing! In order to heal this aspect, you must first meet yourself where you are at and accept that things are the way they are; this will allow you to find blessing in your disappointment and heartbreak and push you to figure out how you can transcend your circumstances and serve the world. This aspect actually makes it easy for you to bring healing to others by giving them all the things you wanted but never received while you were growing up. Your connections with people will really lift you up in this lifetime, so invest in your connections with folks who share the same goals as you.

Saturn ⇔ Neptune: This square aspect influences you to view life through rose-colored glasses. As a result, you may feel that you are out of touch with reality or that your life in general lacks a sense of order. You may also tend to feel unsupported by people, God, and even yourself when it comes to turning your desires into something concrete and lasting. Be patient with yourself, as slow and steady wins the race. You have a lovely way of offering your heart to the world, but you also need to know when to protect yourself and hold back, if need be.

Saturn ⇔ Pluto: This difficult aspect teaches you how to fight to acquire the material abundance you desire. You were born with the responsibility to bless the world by infusing love into the fabric of your daily living. You want to build something that will allow you to give a lot back to the world and make a name for yourself. However, in order to achieve your highest potential, it is important that you reach a good level of balance between your professional life and your personal life. Over-restraint is not always necessary, as balance is possible for you to achieve. You strive to be the best, so it is okay to have strict rules for yourself - but use your energy to create and build what you want instead of using it to compete with others.

Uranus Square Aspects

Uranus ⇔ Neptune: You need to impose limits on your thoughts and ideas and only use them in ways that allow you to live an effective life. Material stability and peace of mind are very important to you, so you need to do your best to enforce structures on yourself that allow you to achieve this. Your open mind can help you in pursuing interests and manifesting your desires. It is good and healthy for you to take action on your ideas, especially if your ideas uplift you and others in some way. Be real with yourself; meet yourself where you are at and believe in your powerful mind and abilities to generate profit from your endeavors. You have many ideas, dreams, and outlets for opportunities you can take to achieve material and spiritual gains. It may be very healing and grounding for you to pursue a career that allows you to work with your hands and physical body.

Uranus ⇔ Pluto: You are a master at getting what you want. Your drive to achieve security pushes you to create stable, solid structures for yourself materially. Do not be afraid to move and create your own success through utilizing your flexibility and open mind. Constant changes in life circumstances force you to be in tune with yourself and adaptable to the cycles of life. Although life can seem chaotic and dramatic around you, you can rely on your excellent intuition to carry you through the challenging times.

Neptune Square Aspects

Neptune ⇔ Pluto: Your greatest aspiration is to embody and create love, peace, balance and harmony. You will find that empowering yourself and others is very healing for you. Strive for stability both within and around you. To ease the tension this aspect brings, get in touch with who you are at your core and peacefully accept all parts of yourself. Be the good you want to see in the world, and push others to attain the highest version of themselves in order to feel more happy and at peace. Spirituality heals your wounds and pushes you to take advantage of opportunities that will bless you with success on this material plane. You must learn how to break patterns in your life that have manifested from betrayal, heartbreak, and anxiety. Remember, most people are not as heartbroken as they seem. People have a lot more control than they are willing to admit or believe.


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