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"Into Me You See": How to Let Your Guard Down & Trust Others Using Astrology

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Trust issues – we all have them to some degree. Undoubtedly, distrust can threaten intimacy and the promotion of healthy relationships. But fear not, friends – we can look to astrology to see how we can successfully let our guard down and open our heart again.

The information below can apply to your Sun, Moon and Rising signs, as well as any sign you have a stellium of planets in. The information in this article can also pertain to the specific area of life, or house, that each sign is in. For example, if Taurus is in your 6th house, then you may experience distrust with coworkers or health professionals. Thus, you can take the advice for Taurus below and apply it to your place of work. If Gemini is in your 1st house, perhaps you struggle with trusting yourself and "life" in general; take the below advice for Gemini in order to remedy this. If you have Aquarius in your 7th house, you may have issues with trust in the arena of one-to-one partnerships of any kind. In this case, you can take the advice detailed below for Aquarius in order to heal this issue.

If you would like a better understanding of what each house in astrology represents, click here.

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Aries has a very keen sense of competition. It is not unusual for Aries people to feel like they need competition to survive. At times, Aries depends so much on competition that they feel the need to create it. Perceived competition from others can result in an Aries putting their guard up and becoming defensive, albeit for no reason. Try considering that it doesn’t have to be hard, Aries. You do not need competition nor do you need enemies to be the best. Simply be the winner and allow yourself to be it – not because you fought to get there, but merely because you deserve it. It is your birthright to win. Tell your root chakra affirmations such as “I am safe,” “I am protected,” “I am secure,” and “I Am.” Be confident in the fact that you deserve the best and that it doesn’t have to be a struggle for you to get it. Have your close friends tell you often that nobody is against you, and tell that to yourself, too. After a while, you will start to believe it and find that, indeed, nobody is standing in your way. People want to see you succeed.



Taurus is extremely sensitive to envy and jealousy. They are constantly battling with feelings of others wanting what they possess and value: their friends, their house, their food, their body, and even their college degree. Frankly, the root of this fear of yours is love and desire. You want to be loved and desired, and you want the things you own and value to be loved and desired, too. This is because you see them as an extension of you. Feeling like people are jealous and envious of you is the lower vibration of your sense that you deserve to be loved and desired. There should be no shame in your desire to be loved and valued. Accept this desire of yours and let it be. It is what it is! Once you claim your right to be loved, valued and accepted, and once you give yourself permission to feel these things yourself, you will see that people envying you or trying to take what you have will no longer be an obstacle, or at the very least, something that you worry about. You deserve good things. You deserve to be happy, because you are worth it. You deserve to have the desires of your heart because you are worth it. And that includes enjoying the things you have in peace. Taurus, I am here to tell you that you can have your cake and eat it, too.



It is usually hard for Gemini to sit, recognize and genuinely connect to their emotions. The mind of a typical Gemini person is highly active; this takes time, attention and energy away from the heart. Yes, they can discern when they are unable to trust someone. However, they find it difficult to dispel distrust of others because true change takes effect in the heart, and not simply in the mind. Gemini needs to work from the heart first, then up to the mind, for them to truly trust others and let their guard down. If Gemini people do not shift their energy into their heart space, the barrier that comes with distrust cannot truly be melted away. Gemini, try meditating for at least 5 minutes every day, and place your hand over your heart while you meditate to foster awareness and energy there.



Cancer longs for a reason to stay in and remain sheltered. "People are bad… Everyone sucks… No one understands me…" If you truly step out of your shell, Cancer, you will see, in all senses of the word, that really nobody is out to get you. In fact, people love you. You just need to give yourself a chance to see that. Once you shed the beliefs that hold you back and see the truth for what it is, it will become easier for you to trust others, until you are known for having an open, beautiful heart center. You are the one who loves unconditionally, the Mother who keeps forgiving, the gift that keeps on giving. Yes, Cancer, your heart is big! So yes, Cancer, that means that it is meant to be shared with the world and everything around you: your friends, your family, your partner, your pets, your teachers, plants, your possessions – show them your big heart. It is meant to be seen, not hidden. Perhaps you had a reason or force that kept you hidden in the past; but not anymore. That shelter is no more than a comfort zone now. Step out of that zone for a little bit, and you will find that your dreams can also come true on the other side of that wall.



Leos innately have no problem with trusting others and letting their guard down. Rather, their primary struggle is trusting themselves; that is the root of any trust issue. When you trust and respect yourself, it is easy for you to trust and respect others. However, if you find it hard to trust others, it is likely because you find it difficult to trust yourself. Your relationship with yourself and your relationship with others are very closely intertwined. This is because you are the Sun, the king or queen. The way you relate to yourself has an apparent and direct influence on the people and things around you. You are very powerful, Leo! You are meant to make an impact. Therefore, do not second guess yourself; be courageous, and be confident in the fact that you always make the right decision at the right time for where you are at any moment in life. You know deep down in your heart who you are meant to be, Leo. If you trust in who you are, it will be easy for you to let your guard down and open your heart to others as well.



A Virgo may experience perpetual distrust for others until they are able to adjust their relationship to their physical world. If they are feeling unsafe in their home, family or neighborhood, it will be hard for them to let their guard down and trust the people they meet in life. If they are in a job where they are working like a slave and are not valued, acknowledged or appreciated, then they will feel disappointed and hurt. These feelings will turn into bitterness, and that bitterness will turn into distrust and cynicism. Distrust of others could be connected to hardships in work, health, family, finances, politics – virtually anything on this physical plane. When a Virgo person has a good relationship to their physical environment and physical body, they will also have a good connection with people. Place yourself in safe environments, around people you feel safe with, doing work you see value in and feel safe doing, and you will find it easier to trust and let your guard down when relating to others.



Acceptance. Libra cares about acceptance. If they accept themselves, they will feel and know that they are accepted by others, which allows for vulnerability and trust. These are very important ingredients in any successful relationship. Libras tend to oscillate from one side to another, juggling various opinions, qualities and actions, instead of balancing both sides simultaneously and harmoniously. Accept all parts of yourself, Libra, and you will find it easy to accept others wholly, too. For Libra, temperance is key. Cease tiring yourself out by compulsively relying on your intellect to appeal to everyone and everything at all times, and give your true divine self as a whole a chance to breathe and shine. Once you acknowledge all parts of yourself, one part neither better nor worse than the other, and give your authentic self permission to be seen and heard, energetic barriers between yourself and others will dissolve, immensely improving the state of your interpersonal relationships.



You are able to see so clearly because you have seen so much. Yet you also need to see that the world is not out to get you. If you forgive the evil in your past and accept your shadow side, you will be able to open your heart and trust in others and life as a whole. You need to let go of your burdens, the circumstances that no longer serve you, and see life plainly as it is in that moment. The personal beliefs that you have formed based on your history get in the way of seeing people and situations as they really are, which hinders trust. You must remain in the present moment in order to build trust with another person, as seeing clearly and gathering knowledge based on truth aids in establishing trust. Challenge yourself to experience each person, place or thing in life as a yogi – while you are the student that gleans lessons from every situation. Trust that people always give you exactly what you need, in their own perfect, idiosyncratic way. Give up control of situations by taking full control of yourself, which is true power. It may benefit you to keep your mind engaged in higher-vibrational physical matters in order to heal from past traumas and ground your energy in the present moment. Activities such as meditation, prayer, gardening, crocheting, painting, teaching, counseling, carpentry, writing or baking may be helpful to you.



You need more faith! Do not be afraid to have faith! Lack of faith in God, the Universe – and, most importantly, yourself – leads to raised walls and distrust of others. Have faith that you are safe and protected. It would be beneficial to you to make your faith practical and concrete so that you are able to grow in it. Call God whatever name you want – Universe, Jerome, Light, whatever! It could be very healing to you to have an altar or daily spiritual ritual, such as saying a prayer or mantra every morning or doing sun salutations. Forgive what or who you need to from your past and restore your faith again. Accept that life is less than perfect and have faith that the universe functions as it should: perfectly. Furthermore, you do not need to be completely healed before you have faith; you can still feel broken and still believe. Frankly, you may find that faith functions better in brokenness. The universe is wise and loving, Sagittarius. Remember that.



You have seen a lot of evil, Capricorn. You have witnessed and experienced the worst. You have a Ph.D. in the school of hard knocks – we know this. But do not let what you have seen and experienced erect emotional walls between you and others. Account for all the good that has happened in your life and in the world, not just the bad. It is important for you to keep a fair mind, and keep all aspects in check – good, bad, light, dark, and everything in between – to heal any depression or cynicism you may feel. This will help restore your faith in others.



You yourself do not have an issue with trust, so much as you have an issue with people not being able to trust you. You are not naturally distrusting of others; but when you are in a situation where those around you are distrusting of you, your walls immediately go up, as this ultimately makes you feel like your agency and power have been taken from you. People may find it hard to trust you because the "chaos" in your life and actions leave others with no solid ground to stand on. Moreover, people may struggle to trust you because your clairvoyant personality tends to stymie others’ efforts to connect and truly get to know you. No one can see like you can, and you do know a lot of things that may be hidden from other people. But perhaps you need to work a bit on being more relatable, which may be hard given your divine gift of clear seeing. Try incorporating namaste into the fabric of your livelihood. You may be a member of several different social groups, donate to charities, and support civil rights; but if you do not really bring yourself down, on a soul level, to the same level of those around you – or if you do not bring other people up and place them on the same soul pedestal that you are on – it will be hard for people to trust you. Let them see what you see by letting them stand right next to you, side by side, as equals. Yes, you are unique – but people want to relate to that too, since you are both a part of this world. This is a friendly Universe, and the Universe is here for you and me – and Stacy, and Carl, and Jim. The light in me acknowledges and honors the light in you. The same light that lives and breathes in you is in all of us as well. If you put this at the forefront of your conscience, boundaries between you and others will dissipate.



You need to connect to your amorphous nature, Pisces. You are all things; even that which you detest in others is in you. Whatever trait or action that causes you to distrust others also lies in you; you know deep down there is no limit to your capabilities. No one is deserving of trust, including yourself. On the flip side, everyone is deserving of trust, including yourself. When you keep the oneness of the human experience in mind, you will begin to see yourself in others and see others in you, which helps significantly in dissolving barriers. Additionally, learn to look at the bigger picture, instead of solely surveying the isolated person or situation. In the end, forgiveness, compassion, and seeing yourself in others will help you open your heart again.



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