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Mercury Retrograde Exposed

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Mercury retrograde happens 3-4 times in a calendar year and lasts about 3 weeks. As our planet experiences a retrograde Mercury for roughly one third of the year, many people are unsurprisingly born with this placement. Contrary to popular belief, Mercury retrograde season does not equate to mini-Apocalypse season. Hence, keep calm and carry on reading this article to learn some key points about this planetary transit that will help you rise above the hype.


Key Guidelines to Weathering Mercury Retrograde Season

Slow down…stop…and smell the flowers. Mercury retrograde forces us to take our time with things. We may feel urged to do things over and over again, such as sending and resending a text because the data connection is fickle. It is common for technology and machinery to function improperly during this period. However, this breakdown in communication, machinery and technology occurs in part so that we learn not to take them for granted.

Put your thinking cap on. This is a prime time for research and delving deep into certain subjects, such as your emotions, your studies, your passions, and your future! This is the time for us to stop and reevaluate our lives, assess the plans we have made, and see where we have come from and where we are going. We are also called to keenly examine our communication during this time. Ultimately, if you think before you speak and do not rush into things, the energies of Mercury retrograde should feel less burdensome.

Listen to your heart. Mercury retrograde season is a great time for meditation, clearing your mind, and being alone with yourself and your thoughts. If you are feeling weird about a comment one of your colleagues made the other day, Mercury retrograde provides the time and space for you to consider your feelings about the comment and put yourself in your colleague’s shoes to gauge their perspective: Where were they coming from when they made that comment? What did they really mean by it? Indeed, Mercury retrograde’s benefic energy allows for greater insight into the self and gives you a chance to make yourself heard. This is preferable to dismissing your emotions on the matter or, worse, reacting too quickly and becoming aggressive towards your colleague.

Ask Ashley. People can be chattier but also listen more during this time. Perhaps you have written a monologue that you have been itching to perform for your family and would like to get their opinion on it. During Mercury retrograde, people are more able to listen to long-winded speeches and are more inclined to give better advice than when Mercury is direct. Mercury retrograde devises clever ways to slow our minds down, force us to be present, and listen. This is a great time for actors in general. The energy of this transit helps people study their lines and retain them more effectively, as memory is enhanced during this time. For this reason, efforts put into studying for exams or rehearsing for presentations are also supported.

Heaven is a place on earth! Connection with and communication from the Divine is heightened when Mercury is retrograde. Psychic perception is augmented; epiphanies, prophetic dreams and deep insights are common during this period. You may be able to receive visions or hear things you normally would not be able to hear otherwise. In this same vein, if things break down and efforts are stunted, consider it Divine intervention! Heaven can reach out and help us more easily during this period because we are less consumed by our daily routine. Mercury has successfully stopped us enough to listen and learn.

Try, try again. Lastly, this is a great time for clearing karmic debts and planting seeds for karmic blessings, as this is the occasion to revisit certain issues and work harder, more consciously and more thoroughly on them. Reconciling with someone you have hurt in the past or learning skills that will help you in your profession are good examples of ways to utilize these energies for your gain. Mercury retrograde season is a great time to reflect on certain relationships and situations you have wanted a “second chance” at, so to speak. This is a perfect time for forgiveness and grace. During this season especially, you can be in your power by being in your grace.


Mercury retrograde gives blessings behind the scenes. Instead of focusing on the outward, obvious expressions of good karma, we can learn to appreciate the good in the little things and in the unseen. It is the mechanics of the machinery of our minds and of the Universe that help the world go round; and mechanics are blessed and are given rest and potency during this time. If you focus on these guidelines, you will be able to sail through Mercury retrograde season with more ease... Not to say that Mercury retrograde isn’t triggering. Just remember that you have the power to get through it by focusing on the positives. ✨


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