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Birth Chart Analysis ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy Halloween! I'm a little late, but that's okay! In honor of honoring the deceased, I wanted to share with you an analysis I wrote on MLKJ's natal chart using Western astrology. It is my desire that this report gives you more insight into this inspirational figure and that you are able to learn a few techniques to use in your analysis of your own birth chart :)

Let's begin!

Martin’s North Node is in the 1st house, which lets me know that people often found him captivating; he easily commanded attention. The North Node in the 1st house also denotes a darker complexion.

With his ascendant in Taurus at 13 degrees (degree of Aries), people often saw him as someone who cared a lot about the family and home. He was seen as someone who had a strong and natural faith. He was seen as a fighter (Aries) for peace (Venus/Taurus). He had a short, stocky, thick, and strong build. His ascendant also reveals that he had a broad build and broad shoulders that sloped downward. Martin was physically strong, and had a strong physical presence. He was deemed by others as someone not be messed with. He probably had to earn this reputation, though, as he may have had to overcome a lot of bullying, oppression and adversity in order to become the “tough” person that people see him as. Martin’s temperament was peaceful and calm, but strong. He was a very passionate man; he may have had a temper. Martin was easily impassioned and inspired. He was stubborn and believed deeply in his own ideas, actions, endeavors and rectitude. This can also be gleaned from the 7th house cusp including the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius and his South Node. Martin was very strong-willed. He harbored a temper and immense amounts of anger, but he tried his best throughout his life to channel this anger towards good (Aries, Taurus and Jupiter in 12th house). Gemini, which is also in his first house, is ruled by Mercury, which is found in Aquarius in the 10th house in his birth chart. This tells me that Martin had wide, large, interesting, dark colored eyes that made him seem like he always saw the “truth.” People may have been drawn to his eyes when they first met him.

Looking at the entirety of his 1st house, I can see that Martin was very smart/witty, and good with his hands and words (Gemini). Martin was physically and intellectually/verbally commanding. He may have had a pleasant-sounding voice. He may have enjoyed singing, especially with friends or people in his community. Martin presented himself as someone who loved people and community. He cared a lot about people (Jupiter in the 12th house). Martin was seen as a leader (Ascendant 13 degrees) of the people, for the people, by the people.

Martin’s 2nd house falls in the sign of Gemini and includes the sign of Cancer. From this, I can see that Martin valued the home and family. He also valued intelligence. He learned a great deal from his maternal figure. Because the ruler of the 2nd house (Mercury) is found in the 10th house in Aquarius, I can gather that his father figure was very prominent in their social circle, and that he may have been a pastor or preacher. Martin himself may have also been a pastor or preacher.

We can see here in the 2nd house that his Mars is retrograde at 21 degrees (degree of Sagittarius) in the sign of Gemini, with some Cancerian influence, as well. This lets me know that he thought about his anger and thought a lot before acting. Martin valued careful consideration of actions. Martin acted in a high-minded way; he acted in ways that aligned with his personal truth. He also thought through his desires a great deal. He often acted from the heart.

Martin’s 3rd house falls solely in the sign of Cancer. This tells me that he was very close to his classmates and that he kept in touch with many of his friends from youth. Martin was very in touch with his community from early years, in general. Martin’s early development instilled a sense of responsibility and closeness between himself and those in his neighborhood, or those he saw on a regular basis. The placements of Pluto retrograde and the Part of Fortune in this house tell me that he and his siblings are very intimately tied together, but there is some sort of drama amongst them, involving the fact that Martin felt outcasted by them or burdened by them, sometimes. His siblings are probably fighting or suffering over him somehow; or, through being shunned by his siblings, Martin was able to find his luck and fortune in life. Martin’s Pluto retrograde in Cancer at 17 degrees (degree of Leo) reveals that he wielded his power for himself to use at the community level. He was very effective in grassroots causes. He was highly controlled of himself, especially amongst siblings and neighbors. He felt most powerful and respected when he controlled his actions and emotions, as exercising control over his mind gave him confidence.

The sign of Leo lying in his 4th house tells me that Martin had an innate need to shine and be seen. He may have received a lot of attention from his mother or father, or both. Martin felt nurtured through being the best. He was able to naturally handle being in the spotlight. Martin had a deep desire to lead. He was a leader in the community, a leader of friends and family, of people he saw as brothers and sisters, and of people he cared for. He had tremendous love and caring in his heart. Martin had such a big heart! And with his Midheaven in Capricorn and Aquarius in his 10th house, I can see that Martin was a fighter for justice.

His Neptune is sitting in the sign of Virgo in the 5th house. This lets me know that he may have found fun and pleasure in dreaming and making plans for the future. He really held himself to high standards and high ideals, which is pronounced by Leo ruling his 5th house cusp.

The red line seen between Neptune in the 5th house in Virgo and Venus in the 11th house in Pisces means that the two planets oppose each other, thus creating a “hard” aspect. The opposition between Venus (which is also conjunct, or in the same sign/house as, the Moon) and Neptune lets me know that Martin had a very dreamy speech. He may have had an absent maternal figure, or an absent spouse, or he himself may have been distant from his spouse in some way. This can also mean that his mother figure and/or spouse were very compassionate, spiritual, charitable women. He may have seen God as a maternal figure, or he saw his mother as a godly woman. Martin may have also considered God and Heaven to be his home. This aspect between the two planets also tells me that Martin may have escaped a lot in his own mind and may have found pleasure or solace in that.

Martin’s 6th and 12th houses are rather large compared to every other house in his chart. The size of these two houses shows that Martin was someone who dedicated his life to serving/working for others and serving/working for God. One of the lessons Martin had to learn in his life was how to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Martin may have believed that he achieved this successfully, and perhaps led others to think that he did, too. His Vertex at 19 degrees Libra lets me know that a major theme in Martin’s life was being a leader of peace and using peace to lead effectively. Martin earned the recognition and respect he was due because of his [daily] work and continual efforts (6th house) in peace, justice and equality (Libra).

Martin’s Descendant falls in the sign of Scorpio at 13 degrees. This tells me that Martin was a very private person. He had a tendency to use his physical body to intimidate or dominate others. A theme in his life was learning how to use physical strength or dominance for good - both in his own life and through the lives of those around him. As mentioned before, Martin’s 7th house includes the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius. His South Node is in this house, as well. This can show that Martin may have been a bit detached in his relationships. He was selfish, in the sense that in this lifetime he cared much more about his philosophies and passions than he did for relationships. Relationships came naturally to him. He needed to learn to break away from the “other” and find himself through the ideas and philosophies he held so close to his heart. Martin sought deep, spiritual, philosophical relationships with intense, faithful and religious people. Relationships played a big part in his growth and development, teaching him to learn how to break free from the pack and stand on his own, while effectively balancing relationships and the thoughts, likes and desires of others.

Martin’s 8th house includes the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn. This tells me that Martin adhered to a strict sexuality or had a highly disciplined sexuality. He may have been sexually cold or distant. He may have had a lack of a sexual life or lack of a sex drive. His unions with others had a tone of spirituality to them and often involved a purpose. His work and ideas were the closest, most intimate thing to him. Martin was very intimately tied to his work, career, profession, ideas, and mind. He fiercely protected his mind, or felt the need to fiercely protect his mind for his work, or to succeed at work. He prayed often. He was very high-minded, very conservative. He had strict, unbending beliefs about how things should be or operate.

Martin’s Lilith at 15 degrees (degree of Gemini) in Sagittarius and conjunct Saturn tells me that teachers, classmates, authority figures, government officials, and people he saw as family played very provocative roles in his life. He saw his “brothers and sisters” suffer in some way, and was in touch with their grief and depression (8th house, along with Saturn’s and Capricorn’s influence). He witnessed horrible things done to those around him and those he cared about. Martin’s Mars retrograde in the 2nd house opposes both his Saturn and Lilith in Sagittarius in the 8th. Thus, Martin valued and believed deeply in using his will, desire, force and actions to take upon himself the qualities of God to fight for those he was close to so that he could effect a shift in the current framework that would deeply change the ideas and philosophies of others.

Martin’s Sun lies in Capricorn in the 9th house at 25 degrees (degree of Aries). Martin’s father may have been a very strict teacher. Martin viewed his father as a leader and teacher in the home. Martin saw him as someone who worked a lot and someone to be respected. His father instilled in him a very strong sense of a just and loving God. The teachings of his father are the crux of Martin’s core (Jupiter at 1 degree in the 12th House). His father may have also been very aggressive and passionate. Both him and his father may have been very strict people, strong disciplinarians, and may have used physicality to get their point across. The use of the physical body in some way played a big part in how they got their point across.

There is an opposition between the Sun and Pluto in Martin’s chart. This reveals intense power struggles unfolding both within and around Martin. Martin was very controlled of his actions and ego. He assumed the role of the “powerful person” and “good leader” in the home and neighborhood and he assumed this role in a very friendly and neighborly way. He was the powerful leader of the “common folk” who fought against, and simultaneously created balance with, the higher principle/law/current (status quo - Capricorn) ego at the time that represented action, egoism, immaturity, physicality, brute force, and anger. This is where he found Fortune. He also found Fortune in adhering to the law (Capricorn), using his ego and actions (Sun) to fight or oppose (25th degree) the status quo (Capricorn) or government/politics (Capricorn/Sagittarius) in a teacherly, philosophical, or godly way (Sagittarius), in order to fight against and create balance with the oppression of his home, family (Cancer) and neighbors (3rd house) by some vast (9th house) and pervasive or unseen (Pluto retrograde) authoritative (Pluto 17th degree) force. No matter how one interprets this Sun-Pluto opposition, the theme of clash and balance between the egos and personal powers persists.

Martin’s Mercury placement and 10th house in Capricorn and Aquarius let me know that Martin really wanted to see and know the “truth.” He looked for the heart of the matter, the truth and the core, of all things. Martin’s ideas were very fixed and stubborn. He had a very good, strong faith in his ideas. He felt and thought that he knew best what the law should be. I am also able to gather that his spouse admired Martin and fell in love with him because of the way he spoke. She may have seen him from afar as he was talking, felt admiration for him, and went up to him to meet him, introduce herself, and strike up a relationship. They may have met each other in a spiritual setting. He had a very dreamy, idealistic, futuristic, intelligent, egalitarian, spiritual way of speech, and he was respected and renowned for it. His profession may have involved the themes of politics, justice, freedom for all, equality, and universal love (Aquarius, 11 degrees). He was seen as someone who had a lot of friends and connections, and his large network helped him in his career, as well.

Martin’s 11th house encompasses the signs of Aquarius, Pisces and Aries. Through his work and speech, Martin received the love and affection of many. Through his unique work involving freedom and equality that he completed mostly through verbal and written word, he found a family of sorts in his large network; he found a sort of spiritual family. The Moon at 19 degrees Pisces shows me that he found family among his network - family in the church, family among people he could never see or meet, people from far away places. Everybody was a brother or sister to Martin, and this large network of people nurtured and nourished him, physically and non-physically (by giving him food or giving him attention, for example). Martin’s Venus at 10 degrees Pisces reveals his desire to espouse a godly woman, someone who leads in peace or is a leader of peace. Martin himself embodied the qualities of peace, equality and compassion. This is where his charisma laid, and this is why people liked him. The conjunction, another “hard” aspect, between the Moon and Venus tells me that his mother had a lot of friends. Both his mother and his spouse may have been well-connected and seen as respected, loving, compassionate and accommodating women.

The 12th house rules many things, including hospitals, asylums, jails, and the subconscious mind. Martin’s 12th house shows that he was imprisoned, and may have been thrust into a sort of solitary confinement. Here, he actually found peace (Taurus) of mind (12th house). He found luck (Jupiter) and healing (Chiron) through being imprisoned. Especially karmic healing. Spending time alone was very rewarding to him: it helped to energize him and make him feel grounded. He approached his dreams, goals and life purpose in a militant way. He did so solitarily. Blood, sweat and tears were shed by Martin himself for the people he cared about in order to carry out his duties in his lifetime. His Uranus placement at 3 degrees Aries shows that Martin had radical ideas and beliefs, especially involving spirituality. He used spirituality to fight for his cause, which was to help and be a benefactor to other people. His Chiron at 5 degrees Taurus and conjunct Jupiter shows that people saw him as a healer, or as someone who has healed or done a lot of healing in his life. People saw him as lucky, and as someone they themselves can benefit from and be lucky from.

MLKJ Natal Chart


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