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Birth Chart Analysis ~ Uma Thurman

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Uma Thurman was born at 1:51pm on April 29, 1970 in Boston, Massachusetts. Uma is a world-renowned actress and has starred in films such as Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, and Nymphomaniac.

In this post, I will briefly explore the birth chart of this renowned actress, highlighting various points that are salient to me as I interpret her chart. This is not a comprehensive report. I will be studying her tropical chart, using the Placidus system.

Firstly, I see that Uma has her Sun in Taurus. I take that to mean that she is very beautiful and attractive with nice features overall.

Her Virgo Ascendant informs me that she projects an image of perfection. There is something about her appearance that makes her seem like a balance of “light” and “dark.” For example, although she may be fair-skinned, she may have some of darkness to her eye color and complexion. Moreover, it may not be “dark” in the strict sense of the word, but perhaps a sort of "darkness" that alludes to mystery, depth and brokenness. She may have a slight physical frame. She comes across as quite reserved and reticent when people first meet her. Based on her Ascendant at 1° Virgo, I can infer that she has gone from time to time feeling like she needs to be perfect in order to succeed in the world. She could be ruthless when pursuing advancement in her career. She may experience major anxiety, mostly due to fear of behaving wrongly, disappointing others, and not seeming or looking “perfect.”

Uma has Pluto in the sign of Virgo at 25°, exactly conjunct her 2nd House cusp, where the sign of Libra lies. Libra is an air sign, so its energy is highly mental. In her chart I see that Libra, the sign of beauty and balance, lies in the 2nd House of values and the material possessions that we work to earn (mostly because we deem them as important to us). Pluto rules obsession, and since this planet is retrograde in her chart, this energy is turned inwards and manifests in a more self-focused, self-centered way. Her Moon in Aquarius in the 6th House is directly opposite her Ascendant; and Mercury retrograde is in the sign of Taurus and conjunct her Venus and Mars, all of which square her Ascendant. Synthesizing these astrological placements, I believe that Uma frequently dwells on her body image and is motivated to work hard to achieve her desires related to this. She cares a lot about her appearance and how people perceive her, and she utilizes the reactions of people – especially in her work or the social networks that have come about as a result of her work – to learn where she needs to improve herself, particularly in matters that deal with how she presents herself to the world. Since Uma’s Ascendant is at 1° Virgo, her Descendant must be at 1° Pisces. Uma somehow projects the appearance of needing help, or being weak or a victim. Her Venus and Mars conjunct in the sign of Gemini, square her Moon in Aquarius, which is conjunct her Descendant in Pisces, lets me know that she has the ability to use her femininity and balanced masculinity to persuade others and get ahead in life, perhaps specifically through using her “damsel in distress” attitude and her looks to do so.

She has Sun conjunct Saturn in the sign of Taurus, and its ruler, Venus, is conjunct Mars in the sign of Gemini, and square her Ascendant. This tells me that she has bony, severe, straight, angular, and slight features.

Again, I can tell that she is a very reserved and introspective person based on her Virgo Ascendant, Scorpio IC (Imum Coeli, Latin for "lowest point in the sky"), and the fact that half of her planets are retrograde. She was also born after 12pm EST; those who are born after noontime tend to be either more introverted or simply make more of an effort to maintain privacy in their lives.

Uma’s 2nd House contains the zodiac signs of Virgo and Libra and the planets Pluto and Uranus, both of which are retrograde. This tells me that she may feel like she did not receive that much help with her career success. She may credit a lot of her success to her own hard work, business savvy, intellect and finesse. She was able to attract a lot of her material security through relying on her attractiveness and ability to stand apart from others in some way.

Uma has Libra, Scorpio and Jupiter retrograde in her 3rd House. Uma is very smart and cunning. Perhaps her early childhood or schooling was marked by some sort of delusion regarding resources. She either had too much or perceived she had too little. Uma may have also felt like she had to teach or cheer herself on; basically, she had to be her own parent.

Examining Uma’s 4th House cusp and specifically her Neptune retrograde, I can see that Uma has great acting ability. Perhaps she had a sort of amorphous childhood or a nebulous personality in her home life that has helped her excel in her abilities as an entertainer. Indeed, she has the ability to become different things. Judging by her astrological placements, with special consideration to Neptune retrograde and Sagittarius in her 4th House, I can see that she is very well liked. People usually like what they get to know and see in her, although she has very few close, real friends. I can see from her 3rd, 4th, 9th and 10th Houses that she is well-liked and has just enough of a social network to help her succeed in life. She may feel like she had no teacher or guidance, or that she had to teach or guide herself. She is quite noble, thinks highly of herself and holds herself to high standards. Neptune retrograde conjunct her 4th House cusp makes me think that she is very dreamy, idealistic and has high standards for the world, such as the existence of world peace or everyone having food and shelter.

Uma’s 5th House consists of Saturnian and Uranian influences. Uma is very responsible and hard-working. She loves to work hard and finds value and pride in it. Working hard makes her feel good and revitalized; it feeds her soul. If she has nothing to work on or fix, she feels useless, anxious and depressed. Her work gives her pleasure (of a sensual nature, for example); she finds pleasure in her work; or, what she does for work pleases others. She does something creative for work, and is able to make a lasting career out of it. Her career involves pleasure, creativity, fun, and romance. She was born to have a career that makes her shine.

Uma’s Vertex in the 5th House at 27° Capricorn suggests that she was born to work hard at being a child. She was born to experience the lightness and passion of being we call childhood; she is meant to do a good job of it, and go about it in a disciplined, dedicated and intentional way. Keep in mind that the 5th House is tied to art, creativity, self-expression, entertainment, pleasures and the inner child.

I see that her Moon is in the 6th House at 22° Aquarius. Her happiness, comfort and contentment is found in her work. She is emotionally invested in her work and daily routine, although people may assume that she is emotionally insensitive. She wants power and control when it comes to her health, work, and day-to-day activities, but she will have to learn to receive help from others or depend on others to get things done. Something about her appearance makes her act as if, or leads people to believe that she needs help or saving. She needs discipline; if she does not have it, it affects her career, her appearance, her health, and her emotional well-being. She works constantly, more than the average person, to maintain good health. Her best partners would have helped her with this in some way, for better or for worse.

Her Moon is opposite her Ascendant, which gives her a unique and different appearance; perhaps many people find something about her appearance to be unique, foreign or somehow futuristic. She has a motherly, nurturing, virginal appearance; or her appearance merely invites nurturing from other people. She comes off as trustworthy and may be a confidant to many.

Her 7th House includes the sign of Pisces, which lets me know that she is a very compassionate person. She may also attract compassionate people. Perhaps she has experienced a painful relationship with drugs. A major motivation of hers is the need to break out of the role of the victim in her life and reclaim her personal power.

Her North Node in the sign of Pisces in the 7th House tells me that she aims for achieving balance in life. Additionally, she must learn to be okay with the unknown, not planning things or always being the one in charge. Uma was born to learn how to go with the flow in relationships, to be open to unpredictability, and to be okay with being alone. Once she learns how to be okay with being by herself and how to give up control in relationships, she will find the perfect partner – “the one” she will be able to spend the rest of her life with. This person will think very creatively and may be a mogul in the entertainment industry. They will be someone who is respected for their creativity or is respected in a creative field. Uma probably feels like she has made a lot of mistakes made when it comes to her personal relationships, most of which may have been a result of being too emotionally closed off to others. She may have been taken advantage of in these relationships. She may also be guilty of taking advantage of others. Uma feels that she has been in a lot of undefined relationships, relationships where boundaries were vague or not clear. She has had a lot of issues with boundaries throughout her life. Her soul’s goal is to use one-on-one relationships for her advancement and achievement, which I can see from her North Node at 8-10° Pisces.

Considering Uma’s Juno, I can see that her partner is one she will be with for life. She and her partner will be very committed to each other. They will have a fruitful relationship that helps her feel and achieve balance in her lifetime. Her partner is an entrepreneur or boss; he is in the creative field; or he uses some sort of creative skill in his work. He is quite deep and emotional; he embodies what people think Uma lacks, such as initiative, direction and sensitivity. He appears to be more masculine than she is on the outside, even though she is perhaps more masculine than him on the inside. They are quite balanced people on their own, and they balance each other out even more.

Uma’s MC, or Midheaven, is at 26° Taurus. Her 10th House encompasses the energies of the sign Gemini and the planet Venus. Her work is heavily involved with the arts and beauty of all kinds. She is perceived to be someone who knows her value; or, she is aware that people know how much she is worth with regard to how much money she earns. Up to a certain point in her life, she did not truly know her own beauty; and knowing her beauty may still be a thing she struggles with. She is striving to be someone who knows her value and worth. She is her own commodity. Her body and her mind are her career, her mode of making money. Because of Gemini, Taurus, Venus and Mars, she is perceived to be highly sexual and sensual. Her seemingly balanced masculinity and femininity appeals to both men and women, and this is where her fortune and success lie.

The placement of her Mars opposite Neptune and conjunct her Part of Fortune in the 10th House tells me that she has difficulties with boundaries when it comes to sexuality, albeit it pays off when it comes to her work.


Bonus!!! I will add to this natal chart interpretation by using the Ancient Italian Tarot deck by Lo Scarabeo to provide additional insight into the life and character of Uma Thurman:

The world knows and loves her, and she believes she has the world in the palm of her hand (The World – 21). Uma has had a karmic life, especially when it comes to relationships (The Tower – 16). Specifically, Uma has had a lot of hard intimate relationships with men; or, at the very least, impactful, dramatic relationships with men. She tends to date or be attracted to men who are very smart, practical, witty, and sharp; but she feels misunderstood by these men, and these men put her down. These men tend to have a very sharp mind, but also very sharp words (King of Swords).

Uma is a Life Path 5. She has lived a life of fun, creativity, individuality, adventure, risk-taking, partying, indulgence, and joy – a wild-card sort of life (5 of Wands). Uma is able to handle this energy very well, almost expertly. She has a very youthful spirit, and this is because she is an old soul (Queen of Wands).

Uma has an all-seeing mind. She looks like she sees and knows everything (and she probably does, given her Moon is in the 6th house in Aquarius). Her claircognizance has gotten her into a lot of trouble, however. It has opened doors for her that may not have been opened otherwise. She sees everything and sees things quite clearly. She sees things for what they are. She has a wise and nurturing mind. Her life is filled with striving for mental balance and harmony (6 of Swords).

Uma is a very spiritual woman who has had her fair share of spiritual relationships. Uma may not necessarily be spiritual in the strict sense of the word, but she has a sort of quiet, solitary, and lonely life; she is meant to be reflective in this lifetime, and her partner will also be the same way: a spiritual, introspective, wise, offbeat, loner-type (7 of Wands).

Her husband/life partner is of high status, respected, recognized, celebrated, and cherished. He may be at the top of his field, because he is good at what he does and is respected for it. He holds money and influence. He may have strong political beliefs or be very politically involved. He may also come from a background of politics or has dealt with many politicians in his time (The Chariot – 7).

There will be much happiness and contentment in her relationship with her life partner. They will have a lasting love (10 of Cups). They may have met at work and there may be a significant age difference between them (judging by the nature of Uma’s 10th house).

Uma is mainly attracted to men with a strong element of Air in their chart. These men tend to be talented with both their hands and their words, albeit they are cunning and may treat Uma badly or disrespectfully. These men are handy, useful, and resourceful, but have a proclivity towards playing her, and she may allow herself to be played by them (The Magician – 1).

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)


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