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Birth Chart Analysis ~ Bruce Lee

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Lee in The Big Boss (1971)

Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940 at 7:12am in San Francisco, CA. This analysis was drawn using the Tropical (Western) chart and Placidus House System. Before delving into the breakdown of his chart, we’ll begin with a few general observations.

As depicted in his chart below, Bruce had a proclivity towards playing the role of the “good guy” and fighting off ill-intentioned “bad guys” that were attempting to hurt him. Bruce was at his best when he took on this particular role. There are many planets present in the northern hemisphere of his natal chart (Houses 7-12), which indicates that Bruce felt like a lot of his life was exposed to the public. Being born in the daytime also denotes that a lot of his life would be observed by others or that many aspects of it would become public knowledge.

The grand trines in his chart indicate that Bruce had been offered a “great escape”: a way to shirk any problems he faced and find peace when he needed or wanted to.

The Galactic Center in the 1st House signifies that Bruce was born to be an individual, and to be famous for the individual that he was. He knew that he was born to do something of importance. Bruce personified the energies of ascension and truth.

Houses 1, 2, 3 and 7 are, for the most part, devoid of planets or other stellar activity, which means that Bruce learned how to nourish himself either in past lives or in his early life. He knew how to get his needs met and be at peace with himself. Bruce was meant to learn how to interact and remain balanced within partnerships. He was also meant to learn how to serve and care for others, mostly by conceding his time, energy, and attention.

There is a lot of feminine energy in Bruce’s chart, which reveals that people who displayed strong feminine characteristics played a very important and provocative role in his life. These people were often very supportive and helped push him forward, either for better or worse. In actuality, it was always for the better, albeit it may have been hard to experience or even unwanted by Bruce.

There are many oppositions in his birth chart, which indicate that his life was characterized by plenty of interaction between himself and others. His relationships - whether on stage, off stage or in the tabloids - were characterized by action, power and influence. Within a good number of these relationships, Bruce may have been attacked by a person who happened to be well-liked because of the industry that they worked in - often, the same industry that Bruce was a part of. In general, Bruce entered into partnerships that included tension, aggression, fighting, and winning. These oppositions take up loads of energy, which signifies that Bruce himself had a great deal of energy! His life as a whole was marked by a lot of physical activity, especially involving others.

Ascendant 6° Sagittarius: Although he could be intimidating, Bruce was generally affable and easy-going. He had high expectations placed on him at a very young age; as a result, Bruce held high standards for himself and others. He is seen as someone who was very athletic and physically active; he was physically attractive and kept his body in good physical shape. He maintained a strict, healthy routine with ease (his environment and those around him laid a strong foundation for this) and took very good care of his body. When people came across Bruce, they saw him as someone who used his body a lot and who was very quick on his feet. People may also notice that his culture or ethnicity precedes his personality and is a big part of who he is. Bruce often saw himself as a foreigner or as different from most people around him. Deep down, Bruce felt like he was the face of his motherland. He felt, at the very least, that he owed something to his people and heritage. He liked to be perceived as someone who was philosophical, sage, spiritual, and scholarly.

1st House in Sagittarius, Capricorn: Bruce was quite scrupulous and hard working. He disciplined his body and followed a very strict diet. Bruce felt that many people noticed his ethnicity right away and perceived him as someone who was pale with dark hair, dark eyes, muscular, toned and short in stature. People considered him to be serious, witty, and funny. He was well-liked and knew how to blend in and work well with others, regardless of who they were or where they came from. He had faith that somehow, some way, God or the Universe would take care of his needs. Bruce may have come off as extremely confident, even arrogant. He felt that he had to work very hard for his confidence. He may have acted conceited or self-righteous to overcompensate for how fragile his faith and confidence actually was. When he doubted himself, however, it was not easily noticed by others. Only the wise, observant person could perceive when he was truly confident and when he was not.

2nd House in Capricorn, Aquarius: Bruce may have considered his family to be working class, perhaps even “rags to riches.” Bruce worked very hard for his money and eventually earned more than enough in a steady, methodical, planned, structured, regimented, and disciplined way. When it came to earning an income, Bruce was luckiest and most supported when he used his physical body. Growing up, Bruce might have felt that he had a small family, that he grew up with very little, or that it was sometimes a challenge to get his basic needs of food, money and shelter met. He never had huge worries about getting his needs met because he knew that someone in the family or community could provide for him. His needs were often met by females he saw as caring and attentive to his needs. Early in Bruce’s life, he and his family were urged to relocate to another place, perhaps because of hard times; they may have been on a search for something better in order to improve their current situation. Bruce grew up with a strong sense that he and his family had to start from nothing and work from the ground up in order to get back to the place of stability and comfort in themselves and in their surroundings that they once had.

3rd House in Aquarius, Pisces: Bruce’s childhood was marked by a lot of conflict, struggle and absence within the home. There may have been conflict or hardship within the home that caused either the father, brother, or family as a whole to leave for a fresh, new start. Bruce may have gone to an international school where he felt very different from others around him and battled with prejudice and standing out. Bruce’s friends from his early life and home had a huge impact on him and helped him develop throughout his formative years. He felt confident in his ability to befriend any type of person, regardless of their background; at the same time, he felt convinced that he had no friends and that no one could fully understand him. These sentiments were likely due to him moving around a lot and being culturally different from those around him. This sentiment also could have been passed down from generation to generation in Bruce’s family history. From a young age, he observed how the culture of his hometown heavily shaped the lives and personalities of the children he befriended. Bruce enjoyed being alone and highly preferred it. He was a very spiritual person, even from quite young; he enjoyed thinking, philosophizing, and discovering the deeper truths of life. Bruce learned a lot from others’ wisdom and experiences, whether it be through stories he was told or things he witnessed. He liked to spend a lot of time in the dark - either in literal darkness (such as nighttime or in dark places) or in researching “dark” topics (such as magic or the dark arts). Bruce may have also had many genius ideas and insights. He may have suffered from insomnia, especially at a relatively young age. Bruce may have skipped class often or attended a school that functioned in a way that was unique and inclusive of the general populace. Bruce had a knack for getting out of sticky situations or environments that he did not want to be in. He was very fast and hard to pin down, both physically and mentally.

4th House in Pisces, Aries: Bruce was good at taking opportunities that put his physical body in the perfect place for people to take away unhealthy things he needed to release, such as toxins or emotional baggage. This helped his karma immensely. Although it may have felt painful at first, it ended up being worth it to him. Bruce may have carried a lot of anger throughout his life. This anger likely stemmed from feeling misunderstood. Bruce would get angry quickly whenever he felt misunderstood or misrepresented. Anger was a part of his genetic and soul makeup.

Lilith 18° Aries: Bruce likely moved out of the home of his family because he felt persecuted by his family and community members. Bruce felt like a black sheep in his home, or felt like one in general because of where he came from. He was surrounded by fighting and violence from an early age. Bruce studied a craft that he would eventually feel urged to turn from something violent and angry into something heavenly and beautiful. Bruce transformed a tradition and made it accessible to many people. He may have even used this art or tradition to heal others rather than simply cause harm. He may have witnessed a death (by hand, war, or sharp object) or hurt someone seriously in early life. Bruce handled sharp objects like swords or knives really well.

Lee's family (starting left to right, then clockwise): brother Peter, sister Agnes, sister Phoebe, Bruce, brother Robert, and mother Grace Ho

5th House in Aries, Taurus: Bruce believed he attracted the most luck when he worked hard and stood out as an independent person. Bruce had a natural skill for taking calculated risks that involved his own body, especially when it related to others’ physical bodies. Bruce often felt like it was “him against the world.” As long as Bruce continued to look at fighting as a hobby, or a creative tool used for good, he felt at one with himself and attracted much luck in life. Bruce was a born entrepreneur. He fared well when he advocated for himself in a creative industry. He was prone to feeling like he got the short end of the stick in situations, and thus had to fight viciously to advocate for himself and show the world (and himself) that he deserved better. At times, Bruce created enemies just to overcome them and prove that he was a strong winner who could overcome anything and anyone. He spent a lot of time outdoors, often getting provoked by others and getting into physical disputes. He may not have been able to see people so clearly, as he tended to see them in a sort of one-dimensional way (e.g. an enemy) and lumped everyone together in one category, hence the sentiment of “me against the world.” People often found Bruce funny because of how ridiculous he could be; at times, people thought he was delusional and made no sense because of some of the things he said. Bruce displayed a deep interest in ancient and occult practices and teachings - in essence, knowledge from chosen elders and ancestors that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Jupiter retrograde 7° Taurus: Bruce attracted a lot of luck when he fought other people off and used his mind to find unique ways to escape or win a battle. He believed he was born lucky; he was confident in his certain unique specialness that allowed him to be lucky and survive in situations that others would probably not survive.

Saturn retrograde 9° Taurus: Bruce found pleasure in his work. He may have moved to another country at some point in his life. He may have also focused on the fact that he was a foreigner in his environment. He used his status as a foreigner to guide him towards serendipitous situations where he could earn money and enjoy the pleasures of life. He put his physical body through a lot of hard work as a consequence of the wisdom and teachings of others. The discipline and ethic that was taught to Bruce by those older and wiser than him played a huge role in shaping Bruce’s literal physical form.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn: Bruce attracted luck when he paired his pleasures (5th House) with faith (Jupiter), and went about them in a diligent and structured way (Saturn) that allowed him to get along with others (Taurus). Bruce was a really good student and absorbed information related to things he cared about really well. He had a natural curiosity and an open mind that aided him well in taking instruction.

Jupiter square Pluto: Bruce was compelled to learn how to curb his inner power so that it did not bring unjust harm to others, and he refrained from using it to overpower others for the sake of it. Bruce felt troubled by the internalized heartbreak that came from the oppression he received from others in his community. He suppressed a lot of rage because of this, which caused him to act out and unleash his rage on others. He adhered to a moral compass that kept him in line. He observed that karma acted very swiftly in his life; when Bruce would hurt others, God, his ancestors, or some other powerful entity would punish him.

Jupiter trine Juno: Bruce’s relationships and the way he related to others played a vital role in gaining him luck in his career. Bruce found the most luck when he shared the spotlight with another person - when credit was not only given to him, but to his partner as well. Bruce became romantic with women who felt fortunate enough to learn a lot from him. These women saw Bruce as a very skilled man who could impart knowledge to them about the industry he was in, providing them with information they may not have had access to without him. Bruce tended to date within his industry or date people he met through work.

Saturn trine Juno: Bruce was naturally inclined to have a business-savvy marriage partner, a spouse who knew how to make money, maintain organization, stay on top of schedules, and handle a lot of responsibility. Bruce’s partner helped him financially and played a big part in his career. Bruce was very wise in picking his partner, and carefully assessed what his partner would do for him and how they would benefit him, especially in regard to his aspirations in life. He did not date much and instead bided his time for the right partner. His partner may have had to speak for him or represent him in some way, both personally and professionally.

6th House in Taurus, Gemini: Bruce garnered a lot of attention from the collective because of what he did for work. His work placed him in crazy, unexpected and dangerous situations day-to-day.

Uranus retrograde 23° Taurus: Bruce always had a unique routine involving his voice and body that everybody knew about and that many people were involved in. Bruce grew up going to a school that he attended with many of his siblings, or with many other kids that he considered siblings. He and his classmates were always instructed on how to act and behave. He didn’t like this and wanted to break free from it.

Bruce Lee in The Kid (1950)

Uranus opposite Mercury: Bruce was very quick. His daily activities involved a lot of people, movement (especially of the hands), and talking. Bruce often used a great deal of fighting words for the purpose of instigation. Bruce was deep and truly psychic. He mastered the principle of “mind over matter.” He was also deeply transformative. He employed targeted and strategic offensive actions to inspire change for the best. He also never failed to make people raise their eyebrows at him. Many people might have seen him as “insane,” but they enjoyed him and appreciated his quirky behavior and speech nonetheless. Bruce may have incited fear in others often because of his quirkiness and unpredictability.

Uranus trine Vertex: Bruce was born to be different and break away from his culture in a unique way, while still never letting go of it completely. He felt shunned by humanity but still believed that he belonged in this world and had a home in it. Bruce used occult knowledge to break a barrier or pattern related to his family, culture and lineage. However, he went about it in a way that honored his ancestors, his culture, and the sacred knowledge that was passed down from generation to generation within his family.

Uranus trine Midheaven: Bruce had the ability to make people think that he was super insightful and knew them really well, right down to being ahead of their every move.

Uranus trine Neptune: Bruce was able to infuse his uniqueness into his career and public image, and benefit from it. Although he repelled some people with his quirkiness, he was able to gain fans and the love of many because of it. What made Bruce “different” also made him likeable by the masses.

7th House in Gemini, Cancer: Bruce wanted to be seen as a big person, and felt like he had to fight in order to achieve that. Otherwise, he feared that people would see him as small and short. Bruce shunned smallness and sought after having a big name, big personality, and big physical presence. His most committed relationships were with feisty women who were natural homemakers. He tended to enter into partnerships either for convenience, business, or because they had something that he lacked. Bruce paired well naturally with people who balanced him out and made up for his shortcomings; they were the yin to his yang. Bruce had very good hearing and listened well.

8th House in Cancer, Leo: Ever since childhood, Bruce’s home, immediate environment, and cultural and ancestral ties had a huge influence on his life. He may have accepted some burden or responsibility that was placed on him by his lineage. In doing so, he lived out his life purpose, as his Vertex is placed here. Chiron’s placement here denotes that he would get hurt living out this purpose, but it would find a way to bring healing to many. Bruce’s death had a fated and supernatural feel to it; there was definitely a sense in Bruce’s life that forces beyond him were at play, guiding things to unfold in a certain way. Because of Leo also being in his 8th House, Bruce’s death made him even more famous. Something about his death had a “painless” feel to it, as if the intention to attenuate pain was involved; there may have been a sense of surrender, and his suffering in death was not immense.

Pluto retrograde 4° Leo: It was very easy for Bruce to gain a following. People saw him as a teacher, someone who taught them how to heal parts of themselves, such as low self-confidence. He was a master, a wise parental figure to many. His childhood experiences had a tremendous impact on him. He may have received a lot of wounding in the heart or chest area. He may have had his heart or chest cut open at some point during his life or career. Bruce’s death or a massive heart/chest pain that he may have endured came at the peak of his career or when he was experiencing a lot of conflict within his personal and/or professional life. Furthermore, he may have been ignoring certain problems in his life for a while, perhaps covering them up as an ephemeral fix. Bruce’s issues and struggles with others may have resulted in his death or the physical trauma that he endured, which did, in a way, put an end to his suffering. Bruce had been suffering for at least a few months in terms of relationships (work-related and non-work-related) before the time of his death.

Pluto trine Ascendant: Bruce had a magnetism that easily drew people in. It was very easy for people to think of Bruce as powerful; it was easy for people to give up their power to him, and he easily took it from them. People may have seen Bruce as sexy, secretive, combative, defensive, protective, feisty, sarcastic, sensitive, controlled, competent, and dark in physicality, mentality and speech.

Lee in Enter the Dragon (1973)

Pluto conjunct Chiron: Bruce may have seemingly experienced a lot of pain in the chest or heart area at some point in his life. He encountered painful and transformative circumstances involving suppressing his pain for the benefit and appeasement of others. Bruce felt that he could not express himself freely with others the way he could at home; when he tried, he was met with mocking, joking and ridicule. However, he was able to teach others how to be themselves and turn what made other people uncomfortable into an asset. He taught others that it was okay to stand out and not to be afraid of doing so. He may have felt that he received some form of backlash every time he stood out in a certain way, especially during childhood. Bruce felt that a lot of people depended on him to liberate them and lay some sort of foundation for them to stand on. He took upon himself the burden of setting an example for others; he worked at becoming such an expert at something he grew up doing that he was able to use it for healing many others. He especially brought healing to others by encouraging them to use their voice and make themselves heard; to discover their inner power and worth; and to feel free enough to express themselves - their true selves. Bruce likely believed that caring for and protecting himself was the best way to combat challenging situations and get through life. However, as he matured, he learned that putting others first was the best way for him to succeed.

Chiron trine Ascendant: It is very easy for people to see Bruce as a teacher, and as someone who was able to heal quickly, almost magically. He was a master of honing the body’s invincibility. People may have seen him as taking a wound to the heart area, but rising above it and coming back to life.

9th House in Leo, Virgo: Bruce met his spouse at a time when he was in the spotlight. He really upheld marriage; it was important to him that he find a good wife and do marriage “the right way.” Bruce and his partner could have been seen as scrupulous people. They may have had a traditional, cultural wedding. Bruce’s wife benefited a lot from their marriage, although it came at the cost of Bruce’s life and health. As a result, she was enveloped in melancholia as she enjoyed these benefits. His wife may have watched him in a lot of fights, whether it was in the setting of class, work, or film. She enjoyed watching him from the sidelines and was his personal cheerleader.

Juno 3° Virgo: There was one person - perhaps an agent, parent, teacher, boss or marriage partner - who heavily managed the various aspects in Bruce’s life and pulled the strings without people even realizing, including Bruce. She had a soft chokehold on Bruce and his life, and there were no questions to be asked about it. This person benefited a lot from this partnership. She saw herself as a partner to a star. She felt that she was given a lot of grace in her life, even though she shouldered a heavy burden. There is something unique about this person’s hands and feet. Speech is also very important to this person. The way this person talked played a big role in their relationship to Bruce and had a huge effect on him and his image. Bruce’s partners in film utilized their mind to do unique things with their hands and feet. Bruce’s wife was quite diminutive in stature and might have played “small,” but people easily underestimated how powerful she really was. She may have handled his schedule, telling him where to be at what time, and helped him get from place to place. She helped him a lot in terms of public relations. She may have felt like Bruce’s death or the pain he went through was her fault, or people thought that it was her fault. On the other hand, his spouse may have been far removed from his incident, albeit she was responsible for damage control, including communicating with lawyers, doing research, speaking on behalf of Bruce, or living for Bruce in some way.

Lee with his wife, Linda Lee Cadwell, son Brandon and daughter Shannon

Juno square Ascendant: Partnerships related to Bruce's career and life purpose brought conflict to his physical body. There was always someone in his life planning, strategizing or organizing problematic or challenging situations for Bruce to get into. Bruce might have also felt the need to place himself in challenging situations with others in order to succeed in life. Bruce entered partnerships in which he would get hit by the other person frequently.

10th House in Virgo, Libra: There was a strong incident in the context of Bruce’s career that was marked by heartbreak and a strong separation from the public. Something related to his career caused him to separate from humanity in a big way, although he would remain alive in the hearts of many. An aspect of his career was closely tied to the sense of angels or angelic realms. Bruce may have had a lot of near death experiences. Perhaps people saw him as an angel of sorts because of the way he used his mind to dictate his movements. Bruce was a strong believer in the concept of heaven; he believed that he would go to heaven when he died, or at the very least be in the presence of those he considered his angels. Bruce was seen as an artist with healing abilities who utilized his hands, intellect, natural gifts and the elements of nature to carry out his work. Bruce was very protected and well aware that Earth was not his real home. The memory of Bruce continues to live on, mostly because of his profession and how he went about it with expertise, beauty, discipline and grace. He may have likened himself to an angel, something miraculous and sublime, because of what he was capable of doing solely with what God gave him: his mind and his body. He felt like he was supernatural, a freak of nature. People saw him in this way, too. People strongly believe that angels or a higher power were involved in his death.

Neptune 27° Virgo: Bruce will always continue to live in the minds of countless people. As a result of the discipline he received from others, he was able to cultivate a very clear mind for himself. Bruce’s life was marked by a lot of communication with people who were somewhat “unreal,” such as actors, angels, deceased family members, or fans/followers from across the globe. He was drawn to a life of glamor and was meant to be glamorized. Bruce may have felt that he did not have much growing up and swore that he would turn that around for himself and his loved ones. Bruce had a strong inclination towards study, memorization, language, communication, social situations, networking, fame, media and tabloids. He was definitely seen as a “movie star.” Bruce would rely heavily on partnerships throughout his lifetime, as partnerships helped to represent him well. In essence, it was easier for Bruce to be painted in a good light when he was seen alongside other people.

Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris taking a break on the set of The Way of the Dragon (1972)

North Node 9° Libra: His purpose in life was to use the mind to overcome the limitations of the body. Additionally, he was meant to help himself and others by moving his body in a graceful way using cunning, expertise, strategy, and a balanced, calculating mind. He was meant to experience truth and balance, especially in regard to light versus dark or good versus evil. Bruce was always overcoming some form of opposition; he had to work very hard and endure a lot of pain, but he knew that God would make sure that he always came out victorious. Bruce’s goal was to use his anger for good. He needed to bring his fighting tendencies out of the home sphere and into the public sphere. He was guided to make a career out of fighting instead of fighting in the context of his comfort zone or simply out of boredom. He was meant to make art and finesse replace a little bit of the raw grit, desperation and baser energies that were associated with fighting. Bruce was also meant to separate from his family somehow (e.g. moving away at an early age), in spite of carrying his home, ancestry and culture with him everywhere he went. Bruce experienced a life riddled with some form of conflict and was meant to learn deep lessons on how to get along with others. He was meant to learn how to relate to others in a peaceful, balanced, fair, compassionate and non-judgemental way. He was also meant to use the teachings that were given to him to contribute to greater peace and open-mindedness in the world.

Neptune conjunct Midheaven: Bruce had a job that involved glamour or deceit of some kind. He would hide behind a metaphorical mask, not truly showing his face. Many people saw, and continue to see, Bruce in a good light. He inspired those he met and those who come across him to break down barriers, especially mentally. People believe that he was both destined and chosen for his particular career and position in life.

Neptune sextile Chiron: People may have believed Bruce to be invincible in relation to what he did for work. Bruce was the type of person who could get hurt but then easily get right back to his feet.

11th House in Libra, Scorpio: Bruce received a lot of lessons on how to properly function in a certain way within relationships. Bruce practiced a certain artform that would garner him fame and serve as a great opportunity for him to learn how to function in a balanced relationship with equal give and take, regardless of whether the person was “good” or “bad.” He believed that relationships with people helped him succeed, even though they ultimately led to his demise. Bruce had a huge potential for fame and notoriety; he had an effortless ability to gain a cult following and become an object of obsession to the masses.

Venus 1° Scorpio: Bruce’s deepest relationships involved a sense of destiny and being together for the greater good. Bruce was drawn to women who were deep, sexy, mysterious, and intelligent. Perhaps these women felt that they owed something to Bruce, or were indebted to their immediate family or in-laws. She may have also chosen to do something in spite of her family, something that made her break away from them. Bruce was extremely picky when it came to choosing a significant other. He would rather have been alone than settle for someone mediocre.

Moon 11° Scorpio: Bruce was acutely aware of the pain he received from the partnerships he attracted in his life. He felt that his life was distinguished by the hardships that came with the pain he experienced in these relationships. He may have unconsciously associated relationships with pain. But this association somehow helped him stand out and progress in life. He may have often felt that he had to rely on a higher power to get through the harsh, unfair circumstances life dealt him in order to come out victorious. If not a higher power, then he relied on someone who was more skilled or wiser than him to get through difficult times, such as a teacher, romantic partner, or parental figure. Throughout Bruce’s life, he experienced conflict in relationships involving balance and equal give and take. Bruce was forced to learn how to be okay with the gray areas in life and relationships. Bruce learned a lot about himself through his interactions with people, especially in one-on-one relationships. Bruce may have come across as emotionless or insensitive to others. He often experienced an emotional dilemma that involved wanting to express his deep and intense emotions as opposed to rationalizing and downplaying his feelings. Bruce needed to have a career where he was able to emote and express himself in order for him to be healthy and free his mind.

Mercury 15° Scorpio: Bruce held knowledge of occult sciences or taboo arts. He had a tendency to gather knowledge of things that many other people were not privy to. Bruce was very witty, sharp, and quick to talk, move and think. He could be very mean at times, especially when it came to his quick retorts and comebacks. He probably prayed a lot or communicated to unseen forces, perhaps forces he saw as sage. His mind and this sort of communication were a great source of strength and power for Bruce. He was very independent and often spoke in terms of “me,” “myself,” and “I”. He spoke very sharply, passionately, intensely, and egoistically.

Part of Fortune 12° Scorpio: Bruce felt luckiest when he connected to spirit or a source higher than himself. He received the most fortune when he was charitable and compassionate.

Part of Fortune conjunct Mercury: Bruce found luck and success when he used his hands, feet, speech, and lightning-fast intellect in a transformative and powerful way. He found the most luck when he used his skills for good and not for the sake of overpowering someone who was weaker, less knowledgeable, or less fortunate than him. In order to receive fortune in life, Bruce had to teach and display his skill in a certain knowledge that was secret to others.

Venus conjunct Mars: Bruce’s life was ruled by a major theme of duality, giving and receiving, and the balance of opposing forces.

Venus sextile Juno: It was generally very easy for Bruce to attract partnerships in life. Through his work, he was easily able to attract partnerships with people of the opposite sex.

Mars sextile Juno: Bruce was a talented fighter and was able to benefit from it by getting into partnerships involving fighting or aggression. It was very easy for Bruce to use his words, hands, body, power, and strength to overcome challenges with others at work. He was able to make a monetary profit from it and improve his image and reputation by it.

Moon conjunct Mercury: Words were constantly running through Bruce's mind. Bruce had a very keen ability to learn words; he could learn words quickly and retain them effortlessly. Words likely flowed out of him easily when he was angry or passionate. Bruce talked a lot and was a verbal/auditory learner. The way he talked earned him a lot of popularity. When feeling ungrounded, Bruce likely suffered from anxiety, headaches, and racing thoughts.

Moon opposite Jupiter: Bruce earned a lot of his luck through people and relationships, as many people he came across felt the need to present him with opportunities.

Venus, Mars and Moon square Pluto: Bruce encountered many, many power struggles, with all kinds of people, from all kinds of places, for all kinds of reasons. These struggles were multifaceted. Although he was a public figure, a lot of his public life was shrouded in mystery and the occult; his life had a certain darkness to it, and there were many things about his life that were kept secret from people.

Mercury opposite Saturn: Bruce engaged in hard and disciplined work in regards to speech, communication and his intellect. He needed to recite lines and call upon his memory often. Meditation was very helpful and useful to Bruce. Bruce had people teaching him how to move his body, what to say and how to say it, and Bruce would fear punishment if he did not recall from memory accurately. Bruce was very disciplined from a young age, and the discipline to work on his speech, memory and physical body was self-imposed.

Mercury opposite Jupiter: Bruce had certain scriptures or mantras that he lived by and recited every morning, especially in the best and worst times of his life. These words that he lived by meant a lot to him and were given to him by someone else.

Mercury opposite Uranus: Bruce had lightning fast thinking abilities. He also had the ability to take instruction really well. He received insights in an almost miraculous way. He was really in touch with his “higher self.” He also had a keen ability to recall what teachers taught him, especially when he found himself in dire situations.

Mercury sextile Midheaven: Bruce had many opportunities to advance his career through using his speech, hands, feet, speed, intellect, and memory.

12th House in Scorpio, Sagittarius: It was most effective for Bruce to discipline his body behind the scenes, when no one was watching or knew what he was doing. He thrived when he exercised in private, in the dark, in secret, or when there was some form of illusion or deception involved. Bruce was a very emotional person, and even though he tried to hide it, it was apparent to others how driven he was by his emotional states. Bruce might not have been fully aware of his emotional nature until later in life.

Sun 5° Sagittarius: Bruce may not have always been aware of his ego, motivations, and the ways in which he expressed himself. He had to work very hard to achieve self-awareness, and he eventually mastered it. A lot of his energy and power was hidden beneath a calm, cool and collected demeanor, albeit he could erupt at any given moment. Bruce was very creative, jovial, fun, and energetic. He may have enjoyed teaching kids, working with kids, being around kids, or playing with kids. Bruce is perceived as creative, highly driven and seemingly unstoppable. When pushed, Bruce tended to hide his power until the very last minute, then whipping it out on the aggressor unexpectedly. Keeping his ego hidden and controlled was a big part of Bruce’s life, karma and personality. Bruce’s son would receive a lot of pressure for carrying on the legacy of Bruce’s name. It was easy for people to project onto Bruce, due to his Sun being in the 12th House.

Bruce with son Brandon Lee

Sun square Juno: Bruce constantly found himself in situations where people were against him and played the role of enemy. However, he used his body, soul and willpower to overcome them time and time again.

Sun conjunct Ascendant: Bruce’s ego was very strongly tied to his physical body, which aided him greatly in life. He had an immense need to express himself. The way Bruce used his body gave him and others pleasure. When Bruce used his body to fight and engage in risky situations, it provided balance in his life and motivated him to pursue success. He was meant to be a star and shine brightly.

Sun trine Chiron: Bruce was naturally inclined towards a career in the healing arts. He was charismatic and had a great potential for fame. People see him as a leader and, despite his flaws, most people regard him in a positive light.


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